Jerry Carter wrote what HE wanted. History books are written by the victor.

Due to the fact the this police report isn’t published anywhere other than the police database, it’s creation and use is specific and harmful to me with regard to EVERY future interaction with ANY police.

Written police reports are available to all police.

Establishing me as a “Volatile Person” is the goal and that goal has been achieved.

It is a crime to make a false police report. Although Jerry could have inserted real evidence in this police report he couldn’t because it would not conform to the bullshit he wrote. Instead, he involved a witness to corroborate his fictional story / false police report.

But who am I?

What can I do?

Where do I go?

What can I do?

If I was such a bad guy and I was lying, why didn’t Jerry take my report? Why didn’t Jerry take my statement and then prove me wrong and then arrest and charge me with the crime of filing/attempting to file a false criminal report?

My allegations are not false… This is their problem not mine.

I am going to sue Jerry as it is my only option.

Below is the slanderous/libelous victim report of the Michigan State Police.



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