I have taken it upon myself to audit our system of justice. I no longer feel that this exercise is outside my expertise. I have been exposed to a level of corruption that would have our founders spinning in their graves.

It pisses off police that they don’t have an existing “criminal rap sheet” on me so they are creating one. They are pissed that I have been able to maintain control of my emotions and have not struck out in anger which would only serve to support their unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims/lies.

What I do have is the ability to learn and write. I have been studying this topic now for over four years. I have gotten my mind around the illusions that the majority of the people still have full faith and confidence in out of ignorance and lack of exposure.

Want to piss off any official? Record them doing their public job. Be it a police officer, court official or politician, you will quickly see that they don’t really want ANY public exposure that isn’t scripted for general public consumption. Why? They are public servants and should love the exposure and would love the exposure if they weren’t trying to keep their actions out of the public domain. If our public servants don’t have anything to hide, why do they hide?

  1. Kevin says:

    Keep it up!!
    I am in California and it is the same here. I just posted a comment on the fight CPS website that says: What Ted Visner is saying is true and rampant throughout our Country. I have a video Journalist who runs a cable channel in LA helping me in California to expose not only the corruption in CPS but in the Family Court. These judges are being exposed here in Contra Costa County by a group of parents that have turned on the legal system in this county. We focus on the Judges and have found bribery payouts to Judge Landau and she is being tried this month on this evidence that we have presented to the Court Presiding Judge. Their scared at what we have and will throw one of their own to the sharks to save their own skin. This is how you win folks!
    We are going after them and all of you need to also! Good luck to all and lets expose this!!!

  2. April Carbajal says:

    It the same here in Sacramento . .I just don’t how CPS can get away with lying on the stand under otha and get away with it do they not understand “SO HELP YOU GOD”. I NEED HELP. on starting a pro testing campaign here in Sacramento if anyone knows where I can start at please help any advice will help thanks and GOD BLESS AND WHAT YOU DOING IS GREAT THANK YOU SO MUCH…

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