We have all been perplexed from time to time with having to make a decision about something where the resultant consequence is bad either way.

In Isabella county, these decisions are going on behind closed doors and they unknowingly affect all the people of Michigan.

The biggest decision to date is that of disallowing the people’s 1st amendment right to the redress of grievances against county and state government. With the rampant increase in government liability due to neglect, incompetence, malfeasance, and improper training, insurance opportunities have become scarce and/or entirely unavailable. Instead of having adequate insurance to cover government liability, local units of government and state units of government are making it impossible to seek redress and restitution from liabilities created by government.

This should really scare the crap out of people because they are already really good at it and getting better at using our legal system against us and avoiding accountability all together. All you need to do is take a look around and see that in almost every situation, government attempts to protect itself by claiming that officers were acting in concurrence with bla bla bla when they killed/executed/murdered/stole from John Q Public…

The government and it’s insurability is just like our own ability to get insurance. If you had 14 DUIs and wanted insurance good luck! Our governments, local and state and federal have made themselves uninsurable. This doesn’t mean that they won’t kill you or your loved ones or steal your stuff it just means that you will never collect for their incompetence and if you press hard enough, like in my case, they will target you and attempt to criminalize you in efforts to diminish your claim and your credibility.

But wait! Can they do that?

In short, they really have no good choice. How can they actually let any claim or allegation through that will establish the fact that they have inadequate insurance or no insurance at all. How can they maintain the “Public Trust” when no insurance company will trust them?

It isn’t any secret that all of our government bodies are now corporate entities since the US bankruptcy in 1933 which is,  in and of itself, a usurpation of what was established and ordained by we the people.

Once a body of de jure government, now a de facto fictional corporate entity. Where our de jure government could never do today what the de facto corporate entity can. The corporate fiction is not even really pretending to be constitutional anymore and is making it’s open acts against the people more and more obvious.

Just as there is no “due process” requirement in private business, there is no “due process” requirement in our de facto corporate government. If you work at McDonalds and they don’t like you they fire you without due process. Your are just terminated period.

When they start doing this, this creates and is the definition of a standing army. When the police, judges and prosecutors conspire against you and create false criminal complaints and slanderous and scandalous things are said about you, they are, by definition, acting as a standing army against you. Standing armies on American soil can only be authorized by an act of Congress.

Has our Congress secretly convened to authorize the use of standing armies? The answer is NO!

It is mostly about corporate greed. Most Americans don’t know that the federal reserve is a private, for profit entity that not only has nothing to do with our federal government but that it is also the only business in the world that is not subject to investigation or audit by the US government.  So if the bastards running the federal reserve can do it, why can’t the corporate government usurpers do it too? The answer is simple… they can and they are.

Right under our noses, the de facto corporate governments are collectively working together using usurped power and authority they do not actually possess and have formed as a standing army against we the people directly on our soil and under the color and cover of usurped office.

If the smartest people in the world could be assembled and made to outline the most effective and discreet plan to take over a nation, it would be going down just as it is here in the United States this very moment directly under the people’s noses.


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