Dear MSP D/SGT Gary Green,

So where are you standing really, Gary?

I have just provided you with information and proof that three children have been kidnapped by the state and how and why it was done (motive and Intent). Danielle Austin has a text from Melody Lake claiming that her children were taken pursuant to a court order and this was a flat out lie. Despite my cautions to her, she has pledged her allegiance to the conspiracy to deprive rights secured by the constitution that have led to the kidnapping of the Austin children of which any term of years in prison or a sentence of death could result from legitimate federal criminal prosecution on these charges alone. I would legitimately feel sorry for her had I not offered her strong caution and opportunity. Melody Lake, despite my cautions to her (perceived and/or simply used by her to be considered threats), is perhaps only now coming to understand the gravity of the situation I warned her about and suggested she avoid at all costs. She gets to be a part of kidnapping children and then falsely accuse me of threatening her? Is this the society that we want to belong?

Are you going to be part of the solution or part of the problem? Unfortunately, these are your only two options as a law enforcement officer.

All the people acting in concert against Danielle Austin are friends on Facebook. Prosecutors, Public Defenders and the CPS/DHS workers involved.

Where are you with the complaint against Paul Chamberlain for theft? Obviously you can’t allow the bias in Isabella county to have prosecutorial discretion in this case. Have you sought a special prosecutor?

Where are you with the complaint against Jerry Carter for his false police report against me? My complaint should be easily verifiable with the recordings of your own equipment. He is your brother… This has got to be tough.

Where are you with the invasion of privacy complaint against the county for posting a “mugshot” of me that contained all of my private information. Stalking, harassment etc etc. Slandering me and my name for political and other gains.

I do not admire the position you are in… but… you chose this profession and you have sworn an oath to serve the people and the constitution of Michigan.

I guess you need to decide if my having accidentally carried a full 9mm magazine through a security checkpoint of a federal building is a greater charge than conspiring to kidnap children under color of law.

These people want me dead Gary. Are you waiting for me to be killed before you decide to do the right thing? Or will you allow your office to send out Jerry Carter to report my death related to a hunting accident or worse yet, murder suicide? (refer back to my gun board where all the accused tried to establish me as homicidal and suicidal maniac as justification for denial). My friends, my family and my children along with the people of Michigan would really like for you to become part of the solution as opposed to a pawn of the criminals. My daughter aced her first exam this morning Gary. I don’t spend time with my children as I should because I am very scared that they may end up as collateral damage. Why do I have to live like this Gary?

A Mount Pleasant city cop by the name of “David Sabuda” swore out an Information and complaint against Don Brewczynski Sr. without ANY firsthand knowledge (I know this to be one of MANY where the aim and intent were driven by revenue generation and collection motives=standard practice=policy) that led to his arrest=kidnapping, prosecution and sentencing. This was perjury pure and simple. He wasn’t even reprimanded and Don was charged with three felonies and his guns were stolen. You have the case number as it was the same one where Paul Chamberlain ordered the theft of my personal property. This was a poor family with no means to defend themselves that is now obligated to pay for a myriad of state services they never needed, do not want and can not afford.

Larry Burdick left office early, have you talked to him? By the look on his face when I served him personally, he knew… He looked as though he was going to barf on my shoes.

Why hasn’t Bruce Havens come running to you with complaints and allegations? Bruce actively used the Federal court to commit acts of fraud with that specific intent and it is all in this audio/video!

Why have none of these people come forward with complaints against me?

To come against me these people would first need to prove me wrong and that is not possible so they do nothing.

These things aren’t political bashings… these are the presentments of criminal allegations using the only means available.

You know it to be a fact that if my allegations could be proven as lies or deceptions that I would have most certainly been prosecuted to the fullest extent humanly possible. You said it yourself that you looked at the posting of another that used some wrong image as if it were an attempt on my part to garner attention through deception when I have no control over the posting of others… You cling to that story as being deceptive but what about all the others? It is interesting to me that this single incident stands out in your mind from a deception perspective as if you yourself have been looking at or have been tasked with finding attempts of lies and deception on my part… If a story written and published by others is the best you can do, are you not also obligated to see the truth in my allegations in the absence of lies? With this factual understanding, you would presume to believe that they are just not interested in pursuing full and maximum charge against me simply because they are lazy? I didn’t even see any police reports claiming my claims to be false because they KNOW that they are not and you should too by the simple fact that you remembered a story using a wrong image that I had long since forgotten about…

Prosecuting me on allegations of false allegations that are actually true would be something that I should be expecting from these people and I have lived in and with this fear for over 4.5 years!

I am a simple carpenter Gary. I was happy to be left alone and ignorant. I did not ask to become what I have been made to become. The system, as it stands, will continue to manufacture people like me and some will be more adept and some less adept. Some will have higher scruples and some lower. Some will see violence as the only option while others like myself will continue to force rectification through the broken court systems.

It is purely out of a complete sense of despotism that you or anyone would point their finger at me as to the cause of the situation we all now must face and attempt to peacefully resolve.  Given a day and complete access to public records, I could find a minimum of 12 similar cases if left unhindered.

To the extent you entered my house without warrant and allowed me to believe that you were a federal agent I care not. I only ask you to recognize why it was you as opposed to a county deputy.

Peace and blessings brother,


  1. You Dead Mother says:

    I dont think anyone’s going to kill you Ted. No one would waste their time with a small fry like yourself. You’re simply a lazy moron with apparently no job or life who spends his day bitching a system yet probably milks the government for benefits.

  2. Maranda says:

    Can you help me too? This is the same thing they did to me. They took my son before court was even in session.
    If you could help me this would be greatly appreciated. DHS is also lying on me and telling me I abused my son and neglected him and I don’t know how to take care if myself. I would NEVER hurt my son or any child for that matter. I am a very protective person over children.

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