I am conducting a forensic audit of the Isabella County Courts, starting with the alleged Family Court which, according to public information, would be more aptly named, “The Anti-Family Court”.

Individual court records with gross due process violations only paints a single piece of the puzzle. Through a thorough review it is expected that enough pieces will be painted to portray the entire image and establish patterns of practice that have created a “ratified criminal public policy” by county officials to practice and willfully participate in the intentional deprivation of rights under color of law to forward personal monetary gain and revenue generation to all of the willing parasitical participants we call our state officials.

I will be presenting my findings, not to other corrupt courts and not to collaborative law enforcement (Leo Mioduszewski, Tony Krodet, Gary Green, Bill Schuette etc etc), but to we the people as the controlling superior authority over our governments, our law enforcement and our courts for adjudication under the common law using and applying due process.

We have long since past the point of expecting the “right thing” from our courts. When the police and the judicial system stops following even it’s own rules while suggesting absolute immunity, it not only has become pointless and a massive waste of time to learn those rules but also becomes a forced participation in their fraud to adhere ourselves to the same rules they freely ignore.

Wanton Due Process violations by the state, openly and criminally sanctions personal condemnation upon unsubstantiated and unproven allegation without facts and evidence to generate revenue for the state. Without Due Process we have chaos and havoc. How is it that the chaos and havoc can be so completely and intentionally one sided?

The allegedly “honorable” chief judge, Paul Chamberlain ordered armed men to steal my personal property as I peacefully sat in a public courtroom to observe felony proceedings against a man whom was made to answer to sworn felony allegations by a police officer that had ZERO first hand knowledge (perjury, malicious prosecution, false criminal allegations, extortion etc etc…) of the events surrounding his arrest, prosecution and sentencing. Paul Chamberlain afforded me ZERO due process to obtain his personal objectives (concealment of the aforementioned crimes of the state)… Paul Chamberlain afforded ZERO due process to the accused whom was found guilty on the perjured allegations of a Mount Pleasant, MI police officer…

Are convictions achieved absent due process done under color of law somehow more palatable to society or are our courts intentionally creating this pressure cooker environment on purpose to create armed conflict so that it can attempt to impose martial law?

Due process is really a simple thing but it hinders the state’s ability to more quickly generate revenue so we are going to peacefully allow the state to toss it out the window for the sake of the state’s convenience? DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

If due process is going to be completely denied, to be fair, should be completely denied in both directions.

If Danielle Austin’s children are going to be kidnapped by the state in the complete and intentional absence of due process, why then should due process be relied upon to get her children returned to her? How is this supposed to make any sense to anyone? Dani has to file for a motion hearing in a case that shouldn’t exist and doesn’t exist in law. Dani is now tied up in a case that should NOT exist back to the point of it’s evil inception due to the intentional due process violations against her by the state but she is “required” to learn and apply due process to get them back?!?!
Dani and her children were shanghaied and thrown on this boat called our judicial system and have been forced to participate and can only be threatened by that which has already been done to them.

Leo Mioduszewski’s alleged sheriff department stole my family’s home AND it’s contents absent any and all due process on September 27, 2010 and has only used the department’s influence to aid and abet and offer safe harbor to the criminals involved and then the alleged “honorable” Paul Chamberlain waists nearly three years of the victim’s lives (my entire family) only to dismiss all the charges against his friends and co-workers.

The willful creation of these “no win situations” by the state against her people

PS:  I am not homicidal nor am I suicidal. This seems to be a common finding among police tasked to investigate the murder of people who, like myself, elect to make a stand against the state in efforts to correct for the sake of all our children.


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