Are you part of this kidnapping Gary Green (MSP)?

Dani’s children were kidnapped out of retaliation by the state for my complaints against the same. The criminal charges YOU were investigating against me weren’t a good enough retaliation. If you do not reply to this email, you are obstructing, aiding and abetting in the unlawful abduction (kidnapping) of three children. Dani wants her children back YESTERDAY!

“CPS canNOT remove a child from the home without a court order. The court may deny the petition, including the request for removal.”

193 days ago:
Danielle Austin’s children were taken BEFORE the hearing on July 23, 2014.
The hearing on the petition to take her three children was denied on July 23, 2014
but her three children had already been KIDNAPPED by the state!
Every lick of evidence is in this court file.

Case File: 2014-0000000099-NA

The image below is from a page right out of the CPS playbook at this link!,4562,7-124-7119_50648_7193-159484–,00.html      YOU WILL CAVE TO COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK.


CPS Procedures_003


Below is the petition asking the court to take jurisdiction and order the children removed from the home.


Below is the order following the petition hearing. The petition is denied but the Austin children had already been kidnapped and have now been held hostage for 193 days!

Petition not authorized_edit

Theodore Visner
De Jure Sheriff
County of Isabella, state of Michigan




++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          Delivery Status Notification (Proof of Service)





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