Below are screen capture shots of two different attempts to REPORT civil rights violations at the state level in Michigan.

Both conveniently FAILED.

Attempt Number One Below


Failure Report from Attempt Number One


Attempt Number Two Below


Failure Report from Attempt Number TWO


Now I will go and capture failure reports from the Michigan Attorney General’s website. I will also grab a few screen capture shots where the attorney general claims that only 3% of all crime is reported and demonstrate how and why such a low reporting of crime is measured in this blog post.

First note that reporting of “Discrimination & Civil Rights” are on the same page as “DRUGS”. Then note that there is an email address offered for Drugs but not for Civil Rights and Discrimination. Instead, you are directed back to the site that doesn’t work above that also does not include ANY OTHER METHOD of reporting. Phone number is a recording and no email. The Attorney General’s office will allow you to email complaints involving DRUGS (because this generates revenue for the state) but not CIVIL RIGHTS! (because this takes money from the state)


  1. Brett Andrew says:

    just a personal question do you know kevin vanhorn from alma

  2. Brett Andrew says:

    I havent got any newletters sisnce the 2nd. Are you still doing them or did something bad happen to you as you warned in the video i seen you in.

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