Yes, risa scully’s office drafted the petition so it defies all logic to ask that same office if they “did it wrong” unless you are looking specifically for an easy way out = enjoin yourself personally. You need to seek a special federal prosecutor… DUH

The summons and petition were to be served on the respondent mother “Danielle Austin” _____ number of days BEFORE the hearing (allowing her to see the allegations and seek legal counsel of her choosing) and she was never served. Wendy Yost claims having personally served Danielle 3 MIN before the petition hearing at 2:57pm on July 23, 2014. Either way, Danielle was not properly served notice as required by law and the proceedings after that issue=point are totally void of any meaning (including the unlawful abduction/kidnapping of her children).  Matthew Hagen perjured himself by signing off on the petition KNOWING that 3 min is not proper lawful notice.

Additionally, the petition asking the court for an order to remove Danielle Austin’s three children was DENIED.

Additionally, Stefanie Smith kidnapped the three Austin children prior to the petition hearing expecting a “future court order that never came that day.

Everything you need is in the file unless it has been doctored while you have been dragging your feet.


PS: I am going to give you an example since your apparent reluctance to do your job is getting in the way…

If I were to sue you for 100k and start proceedings against you without you even knowing that you’ve been sued or what you are being sued for and then I won, is that fair or just?
What if I sued you absent your knowledge and lost but got your 100k anyway… Even more unfair and unjust right?
That is exactly what happened to Danielle Austin except the prize was her three children where the value is immeasurable.
At this point, would you argue the allegations or would you argue due process violations after you lost 100k?

Now replace that 100k value from the example above and imagine instead your own children… your brother’s children… your sister’s children… your friend’s children…
Please recognize this as a direct threat to you, to me, to your sister and your brother and to all of our children and that it isn’t a threat coming from me but coming directly from the state.
Tell me how twisted my views will seem to you, or someone you love, when your own children or your loved one’s children are taken by the state, intentionally absent due process.

PSS: Any lack of action on your part demonstrates YOUR willing participation in this kidnapping equal to all others as you are making yourself a facilitator of crime.
As a police officer (your chosen profession) you have a duty to keep the peace and arrest people suspected, and upon probable cause, of committing crime.
Asking perpetrators of crime if they are guilty and considering that your complete “investigation” is completely absurd. Kidnapping is a crime even when it is done by the state.

PSSS: Everyone that has participated in these proceedings absent due process creates the conspiracy discussed and described in the Federal Criminal Code Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242. This includes YOU if you refuse to do your job. I would encourage you to read Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242. Failing and/or refusing to acknowledge that Danielle Austin’s children were abducted/kidnapped in the absence of a court order is keeping the hostage situation alive. YOU were expected to arrange for the Austin children to be returned to their mother from whom they were unlawfully taken. Stolen property would have have been returned already with this SAME information. The children are stolen property! RETURN THEM!

On 2/2/2015 7:53 PM, Green, Gary (MSP) wrote:


You are pretty narcissistic to think the state is retaliating against you for some reason or another.

However, I will check with the prosecutor on your complaint that the children were removed illegally. I believe in this county the prosecutor's office drafts the the petitions for removal. They should have all the paperwork filed in this case. That will help me figure out if you have a legitimate complaint or if you are just twisting things to fit your purpose as per your normal mode of operation.

Thanks for all you diligence and hard work.


D/SGT. Green

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On Feb 1, 2015, at 8:58 AM, Ted <<>> wrote:

Are you part of this kidnapping Gary Green (MSP)?

Dani's children were kidnapped out of retaliation by the state for my complaints against the same.
The criminal charges YOU were investigating against me weren't a good enough retaliation.
If you do not reply to this email, you are obstructing, aiding and abetting in the
unlawful abduction (kidnapping) of three children. Dani wants her children back YESTERDAY!

"CPS canNOT remove a child from the home without a court order. The court
may deny the petition, including the request for removal."

193 days ago:
Danielle Austin's children were taken BEFORE the hearing on July 23, 2014.
The hearing on the petition to take her three children was denied on July 23, 2014
but her three children had already been KIDNAPPED by the state!
Every lick of evidence is in this court file.
Case File: 2014-0000000099-NA

The image below is from a page right out of the CPS playbook at this link!,4562,7-124-7119_50648_7193-159484--,00.html

<CPS Procedures_003.jpg>

Below is the petition asking the court to take jurisdiction and order the children removed from the home.


Below is the order following the petition hearing. The petition is denied but the Austin children had
already been kidnapped and have now been held hostage for 193 days!

<Petition not authorized_edit.jpg>

Theodore Visner
De Jure Sheriff
County of Isabella, state of Michigan


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