County Judges, Referee, Prosecutor, Process Servers & Court Appointed Attorneys and other BAR Members Violate Court Rules to Assist CPS & DHS in the Kidnapping of our Children for Profit which is all sanctioned by the Michigan Supreme Court, Under Color Of Law!

Here is how they are doing it in Michigan… and here are the Michigan Court Rules they are violating. Regardless of your state, they seem to all be conducting this extrinsic fraud upon the people in much the same way. This FRAUD is intended to deprive you of your right to Due Process while kidnapping our children and our future.

Your court case file should contain all of these same documents and you should have a copy of them as you read through this so that you can follow along.

Document List

1.  SUMMONS: ORDER TO APPEAR (CHILD PROTECTIVE PROCEEDINGS)                       2.  PETITION (CHILD PROTECTIVE PROCEEDINGS)                                                                 3.   PROOF OF SERVICE (FOR SUMMONS AND PETITION)                                                     4.   ORDER AFTER PRELIMINARY HEARING (CHILD PROTECTIVE PROCEEDINGS)     5.   A copy of the court rule referenced at the top of the PROOF OF SERVICE. In this case, MCR 3.920(B)(5)

The documents pictured below are from a real case in Isabella County Michigan and from my preliminary investigation, all Michigan cases have been found to contain the same fatal flaws and extrinsic fraud elements.



The Proof of Service has a statement at the top that directs the process server to proceed in accordance with Michigan Court Rule 3.920(B)(5). Generally, and as a rule, process servers are not required to attest to the information in the documents they are to serve. In this case however, the process server is provided instructions at the top of the Proof of Service form that will be filed with the court.  In this case, and in every other case I have seen, the process server does not look at the documents they are serving, nor are they reading the instructions at the top of this PROOF OF SERVICE as the court rule in the instructions, directs the process server to serve the SUMMONS AND PETITION seven days before the hearing as pictured below.

PICTURE 2:   MCR 3.920(b)(5)


As you can see from the two images above, all of the burden for proper service has been placed upon the process server, (Wendy Yost in this case), to serve the SUMMONS AND PETITION seven days before the Preliminary Hearing. The image below is of the first page of the SUMMONS: ORDER TO APPEAR which specifies the date and time that the person served is to appear in court for the Preliminary Hearing.



As you can see from the actual SUMMONS, it has the “Date”, “Time” and “Location” of the hearing that Danielle Austin is being summoned to attend by ALLEGED order of the court.

The process server is being directed to perform a task that she is completely unable to accomplish yet she serves the SUMMONS regardless and then files her fraudulent “Proof of Service”.

The image below is the second page of the SUMMONS. This page indicates the name of the judge that authorized the Summons. In this case the alleged judge is William Ervin (P30654). Alleged judge Ervin signed a court order for Danielle Austin to appear in court knowing that the summons had to be served upon Danielle Austin personally and seven days before the hearing but his “order” was for Danielle Austin to appear on the same day that he signed the order.



It might be argued at this point that the process server, (Wendy Yost), couldn’t comprehend that she was REQUIRED AND DIRECTED to serve the SUMMONS AND PETITION seven days prior to the hearing but what would be extremely difficult to argue would be how this alleged judge WILLIAM T. ERVIN believed himself able, capable and empowered to draft a summons to court on the same day it is drafted and signed.

Alleged judge WILLIAM T. ERVIN drafted an order that directed, demanded and commanded Danielle Austin, under threat of arrest, to come to court immediately (and on the same day) with all her three children.

In Dani’s case she was never served, personally or otherwise. Although Wendy Yost claimed to have personally served Danielle Austin on 7/23/14 @ 2:57 pm for a hearing scheduled at 7/23/14 @ 3:00 pm, (3 MINUTES NOTICE), it is believed that Wendy Yost gave the summons and petition to the court appointed lawyer that she herself had or was assigning to the Danielle Austin case three minutes before the start of the hearing.

The image below is of the court order that followed the 3:00 pm hearing on July 23, 2014.



Notice in the picture above that item number 7 is checked off. This might seem to wrap everything up in a neat package. Basically this box confirms that the fraud against the parent was successfully accomplished. After all… This order was “recommended” by a referee and signed by a judge!

Matthew Hagen (P73???) was the referee that signed “recommending” the order in Danielle Austin’s case, making us all believe that he verified the facts and details of the order itself and then the alleged order was officially signed by alleged judge Mark Duthie (P33313).

Both Mark Duthie, as judge and Matthew Hagen, as referee are attesting to the accuracy of the alleged “COURT ORDER” including item seven in the image above while both knowing full well how service of process was achieved because the proof of service filed by Wendy Yost was in the same file.

Here is the F-ING KICKER! The Michigan Supreme Court knows about this extrinsic fraud and has created a specific court rule to patch everything over!

This rule basically states that if the person that was fraudulently brought into court without notice and without knowledge of the allegations they are to face on a fraudulent summons does not immediately object to the notice defects, they forever wave the right to object and their very own participation in the proceedings keeps them trapped in those very same proceedings FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER!



Getting respondent parents into court via Conspired, Mechanized, Extrinsic Fraud would seem to be completely resolved by the alleged court rule above. This alleged court rule itself, having been created by the Michigan Supreme Court, is the Michigan Supreme Court’s acknowledgment of the fraudulent methods being used by the inferior county courts to unlawfully seize jurisdiction while at the same time, mending the defects which is the same exact thing as stripping all of the people of Michigan, of our Due Process Rights!

In other words… the Michigan Supreme Court is and has been completely complicit in the intentional conspired deprivation of rights, under color of law where the kidnapping of Michigan children intentionally result.

Below is a screen shot of an email that I got from the Michigan State Police who, along with the alleged FBI and alleged county prosecutor and the alleged county sheriff monitor all of my sites daily but never act.


As you can see, the Michigan State Police are completely unwilling to investigate the allegations of felony kidnapping because they are fully aware of all the parties involved and to the lofty extent they are being perpetrated.

  1. James Wright says:

    Great research!
    I’m in Wisconsin, but my younger son is in Michigan.
    A judge in Ottawa county has not allowed me any contact with him in 4 years!

    • R.G. says:

      It’s a long story of force, harassment, threats, lies, stalking, fear for the the lives and safety of my children and mine etc… So I’ll just be brief summing it up. I gave prenature birth of twins on Aug. 11th 2015. Im winning a housing case that most consider unheard of from my understanding and c.p.s. has been working with these people. This particular housing worker has a strong, dangerous power issue and he gets more and more angry each time the judge grant us a stay to go over our documents. After every court hearing this c.p.s guy would be at the door shortly after I leave court. Every time I ask what he’s here for, he says I heard you and your children were being put out today. I would tell him someone keeps giving him false information and I would sometimes prove it to him but I never trusted him. Theyve thrown everything at me but the kitchen sink, and I keep praying and prevailing. My twins were still in the hospital and my daughter was suppose to be released Friday Oct. 2nd ( a boy and a girl is what I delivered ) but my son wasn’t ready to leave yet. I had housing court on Thursday Oct. 1st is when the biggest threat came. I was told If I didn’t leave my residence and go to the shelter they had set up for me for intake with my other children on Friday Oct. 2nd at 1:30 p.m. in Minneapolis, Minnesota even though I live in St. Paul, Mn. HE would come and take my children ( Quote ) Even your twins in the hospital. I was furious but declined and let him know how dirty these people play (Even though he already knew) and told him Anything can happen and I DON’T have the resources to travel not to mention I have other adult children in St. Paul so if anything happen I won’t be able to get to them. Earlier in the week, he had already violated my 4th amendment right, as well as previous rights and issues. That Friday morning came, the doctor called and said I could come on out and pick up my daughter. When I called back to let them know that I was on my way and that’s when I was told c.p.s. had put a 72hour emergency part’s hold on her. I asked some questions and got ready to call c.p.s. and it was a knock at the door from the sheriffs dept. With a 24hr. Writ (evict) my housing attorney’s had to scramble and run down to the court house to make sure the paperwork they had put in the day before to stop the writ issuance ( something that normally takes a week or so to be sent out )wnot to mention, Its Friday and close to 4:30p.m…5:00p.m. so business hours are almost over with. I was told if I went to the shelter in Minneapolis my twins, my children and I would stay together and c.p.s. would be out if our lives .Now I see if I had did that, we wouldn’t have been here to get the 24hr. Evict paperwork and our belongings would have been on the curb. My last housing court appearance was for Tuesday Oct. 6th. I was granted another stay. I made it home, called the Hospital to update them and let them know I was on the way again to get my daughter and was asked if a social worker called me. I said no…for what. She stated I’m so sorry but this is my first day working with your children, but c.p.s. shipped your daughter off to foster care. There’s a chain reaction of things other things that that occurred before and after this but the second most important thing is I’ve been in this house torn apart seeing as thoughsendwent to court Thursday Oct. 8th and they told multiple lies on me so they could come out and get my other children and I have NEVER been away from my kids. The judge ordered them out of the house for 7 days to send them out to check for mice infestation cause no other tactics worked. They came out yesterday ( Monday Oct. 12th and mentioned nothing nor looked for anything pertaining mice. I’ve been online ever since trying to get help with this and I have proof of everything. Now the BIGGEST topper to all of this is what I found out today. They never had a warrant or 72hr. Hold for my Twins in the hospital, which means, They LITERALLY KIDNAPPED my babies. C.P.S. put emergency paperwork in on Wednesday Oct. 7th at 3:50 P.M. the next day after my housing court date. Me and C.P.S. had to be in court on Thursday Oct. 9th at 9:00a.m. The attorney they assigned to me spoke in a manner like I was the scum of the earth and when I asked questions, I was again threatened with my children again and no representation and told I better do what she says. I need help quick to get my kids and have this removed from my name I’ve raised sooooo many other kids as well that I didn’t birth. But they’re mine and I didn’t need a court for that, just they’re attention and their parents phone number cause all parents aren’t neglectful, most of us just need a little help sometime so judgement is not caused for.
      They’re moving quickly and I need HELP by Thursday.

      • R.G. says:

        Just got the petition of the lies they’ve accused me of today. Oct 15, 2015 as oppose to recieving these documents at the first court date on Oct. 08, 2015. Yhe paperwork was entered into the system on Wednesday Oct. 7th at 3:30p.m.:and signed by a judge on that same day ( Oct. 7th, 2015 ) at 3:50 p.m. and a court date set for Thursday Oct. 08, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in the morning not to mention, when court was over on Oct. 15, 2015, they still didn’t give me any paperwork or petition of lies and cruel things they typed up in this B.S. petition. I just so happen to stop in the clerks division of the court building to get a copy of everything they had in the system about this nightmare and what I’ve read is a disgrace. I neep help – yesterday.

  2. Serena scher says:

    I lost 3 of my angels in Hillsdale county mi. Me and the father talk but we can’t see each other due to cps telling my child father that if we are caught he will loose our for good. I think Michigan needs to get there crap straight

    • Serena scher says:

      And I’m sorry but the police are a joke they shouldn’t be a police officer if they can not take there pledge to heart to serve and most of all PROTECT people

    • James Wright says:

      I’m sorry for your situation.
      I hope everyone here realizes that all this pain and suffering caused by family courts, the FOC, and CPS is just about the profit (and to a lesser degree, the power). Unfortunately, their business is destroying families and lives. Please go to a business search engine ( is free) and search for any of the entities that is causing you pain, like CPS. I bet you will find that it is a “A privately held company”.

      Here are some results in my case:
      “Ottawa County Family Court
      A privately held company in Holland, MI. ”

      It just business to them.

      • I am cutting a series of videos this weekend that I would like your help promoting. This information needs to get out. All CPS cases can be completely nullified from their evil inception.

  3. run as a common law sheriff National Liberty, we will support you, sign up
    God bless you

  4. […] County Judges Violate Court Rules to Assist CPS & DHS in the Kidnapping of our Children. […]

  5. Is there any way to bring a lawsuit against the Federal Government? It doesn’t seem to be working on a State level.

  6. Jennifer Ingram says:

    I have had suffered the same kind of injustices & I need help! Cps is trying to take away my parental rights! Every attorney that I see doesn’t help me. Time is ticking away & I can’t let them get away this! I am in Ohio, do you know ANYONE that could help me?? I would LOVE to talk to you & explain a little bit about my situation, but ANY guidance or direction would be awesome! Please help me!! -Jennifer

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