Yesterday, (4-13-2015), there was a hearing in the Danielle Austin case and SHE DID NOT GO!

Why would she? She has proven to the court (and to herself) that the court has never had jurisdiction. She has proven to the court (and to herself) that everything the court has done up to this point is a complete nullity… a total fiction, absolutely devoid of ANY meaning.

If your judge demonstrates his own willingness to lie on the court record, why in the hell would you stick around to hear what else he/she has to say?

Once you have the proof and evidence in your court case that the chief judge is a thief, and the judges in the case are liars, why would anyone go to proceedings being allegedly adjudicated with these same people that are promoting frauds against the people?

It’s simple folks! Remove your consent! Refuse to participate!

DO NOT ALLOW yourself to be subjected to the crimes and frauds being perpetrated against you in court BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER WIN & YOU WILL NEVER FIND JUSTICE!

  1. Bill says:

    This is groundbreaking!
    Dani is going to set a precedence as to how to deal with these fraudulent creeps.

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