The CPS Battle Update…

Everyone fighting a CPS case knows that what they are doing is wrong. The trouble is… they aren’t sure why. Over the last couple weeks I have been working on a video production (documentary) that exposes the inner workings of the system that will helpfully point a lot of victim parents in the right direction. This has been a learning experience for me as well and the farther I get into tearing apart the massive volumes of information, the more I learn and the more I will expose.

The point that I want to leave you with in this message is that CPS cases are broken down into two phases. These two phases need to be done in exact order or the second phase is VOID.

Phase One is the “Adjudication Phase”. In this phase, the state is absolutely required to deal with you using established procedures that are intended to protect your Due Process rights. At the conclusion of the adjudication phase, you are either forever guilty or declared innocent and your child(ren) returned. From the adjudication phase you are judged to be either a “Fit Parent” or an “Unfit Parent”.

From this determination, your case is either pushed into Phase Two (Dispositional Phase) or the case against you is dismissed.

Phase Two is the “Dispositional Phase”. For the court to enter this phase, you will have to have been adjudicated as an “Unfit Parent”. Provided that Phase One was completed properly and lawfully, you are now in the fight for your life to get your children back and you will be working against EVERYONE in the courtroom, including your own paid lawyer. (see my YouTube Channel “Kelly Lambert” video)

If your case has made it to the Dispositional Phase, you must know that you have already been classified as “Unfit” and nothing you say or do is going to change the mind and/or the opinion of all the people in the courtroom, including the judge and your own lawyer. (see my YouTube channel “Mark Duthie” video) After you are in the dispositional phase of the proceedings, the court believes that it has no further obligation to consider you anything other than an “Unfit Parent” and can order you to do anything it wants such as counseling, drug testing, anger management etc, etc…

Phase One, the Adjudication Phase”, is a nuisance and a financial burden to the state. Your Due Process rights are a burden to the state. The state courts and court cases that I have observed, do not actually conduct the Adjudication Phase which make the remainder of the proceedings a complete nullity.

The courts are required (by the Constitution) to consider every parent a “Fit Parent” unless they have “properly” adjudicated them otherwise. Without proper adjudication, parents are unlawfully considered “Unfit Parents” and then the state sees fit to molest these families as they please, leaving parents in a position where they have to BEG for time with their own children while attempting to manage the cost and time burden created by all of the court ordered services.

After you are lawfully or unlawfully declared unfit, It becomes the court’s mission to tie an anchor around your neck by choking you with all the financial burdens associated with all of the requirements placed upon you while using the return of your children as the carrot.

In a half ass attempt to meet the federal requirements to obtain federal funding, CPS is required to make every effort to keep the family together. The state believes that it meets this federal requirement by calling an independent volunteer service on one day and taking children the next. This is absolute insanity.

Here is the four part series that was just completed. Please feel free to share this and to comment.


It has been a grueling 8 days to get this project done, mirrored and uploaded but feel that it was completely worth the effort. All across our nation, our alleged public officials are going into hiding to avoid public exposure for the foul deeds and crimes they are perpetrating upon the people. These people can NOT be allowed to hide. They have taken on the jobs of being public and working and getting paid to be public and therefore must accept being exposed publicly for the work WE are paying them to do.

In Isabella county I caught judge Mark Duthie lying on the public record and this was published on my YouTube channel. The county’s “official response” by the alleged “Chief Judge” was NOT to address the facts presented but rather to create policy/law banning recording devices to prevent the further capture of further EVIDENCE of further judicial improprieties in Isabella county. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!


Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

  1. John henry Boswell says:

    Case ivolves 5 of my children and they are currently in 3 separate foster homes we’ve been going through this case for close to 3 years and we’re having a termination hearing on the focus child quite soon I would like for someone to overlook this case to give me some direction I have already spent 20 to $30,000 on legal feeS. Help!!

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