Alleged Isabella County Judge, Mark Duthie either can not read or believes everyone else is stupid.


In a February 10, 2015 Motion Hearing, Duthie refused to allow Danielle Austin to proceed without the assistance of an attorney when the appointment of an attorney is completely at a respondent parents option according to Michigan Court Rules.

Danielle Austin did not request the appointment of an attorney nor does she want an attorney but Mark Duthie believes that he can deviate from the court rules and force her to have one despite Article 1 § 13 of the Michigan Constitution!

This mandatory appointment came after Danielle Austin filed a motion to dismiss that was hear in February to which the ONLY opposition/argument to her motion came from the same man, Mark Duthie.

Although the petitioners were represented by Isabella county prosecuting attorney Risa Scully, Scully did not offer any opposition to Danielle Austin’s motion.




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