This is a rather bold title wouldn’t you agree?

“Michigan Supreme Court Furthers State’s Child Trafficking Agenda”

Well… guess what folks… It is true and I am going to show you how they are doing it.

Child abduction by CPS moves Michigan “Respondent Parents” into a two phase litigation process. The first phase deals directly with every parent’s 14th Amendment right to Due Process. This initial phase of the proceedings against respondent parents has got to be done first. There are NO exceptions! Although there are NO exceptions, this phase of the proceedings is being completely SKIPPED IN EVERY CASE I HAVE EXAMINED! Skipping this phase, NULLIFIES the remainder of the proceedings all together.

The complicity of the Michigan Supreme Court is in “them” having created a Michigan Court Rule that allows county courts to forego the Due Process rights of ALL RESPONDENT PARENTS IN MICHIGAN. See: MCR 3.920(H) below…

This Michigan Court Rule “claims” that Respondent Parents that come to court and participate (Appearance and Participation) in the proceedings against them automatically cures all the notice defects in the case against them when “NOTICE DEFECTS” are “TERMINAL”  to the proceedings themselves.

As any parent will tell you when their children are absconded by the state the first thing they WANT to do and FEEL THEY NEED TO DO is to go to court and argue why they should get their children back. Little do they know that the presentment of their arguments that are intended to show the court that they should get their children back actually trap them into a jurisdiction unlawfully obtained and criminally maintained.

A parent’s own arguments trap them in a system designed to make them lose their children when a simple objection presented to the court would NULLIFY all of the proceedings against them.


When I found this alleged “Michigan Court Rule” I was completely dumbfounded. This alleged rule is a trap door that allows CPS and the county prosecutor to knowingly proceed against Respondent Parents without any Due Process while forgiving them for doing so!

Respondent Parents do not possess the ability to waive their Due Process rights either knowingly or unknowingly. The notion itself is completely Unconstitutional!

Inalienable means Inalienable!


Why would the Michigan Supreme Court create such a “rule”?

Because they think they can? Because the majority of people don’t appear to care? Because we are believed unable to do anything about it? All of the above?

Our courts “presume” that the statutes, acts, codes and court rules are Constitutional. This presumption is arrogant and self promoting because they know that any challenge will first have to challenge the constitutionality of these so called laws and court rules which could take years to litigate before the issue itself can be addressed. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

What makes this completely EVIL is the fact that county prosecutors have come to rely on the trap door feature of the Michigan Court Rules in MCR 3.920(H) before the proceedings even begin!


Here is a video series that demonstrates the system in action.

Announcement / Trailer

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4


Ted Visner
Victim Advocate
De Jure Sheriff, county of Isabella
(989) 954-2814




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