It is very important to understand that the courts are unlawfully taking jurisdiction by combining the adjudication phase with the dispositional phase of the proceedings against respondent parents by intentionally averting due process requirements all together and labeling all parents “unfit”.

What this means is that your participation in the proceedings is forgiving them for their having completely violated you at the onset of the proceedings by denying you your due process rights. [Due Process rights are inalienable rights meaning they can not be waived nor given away EVER]

This also means that the proceedings against respondent parents are completely VOID from the beginning.

This perfect defense is not being used by ANY court appointed attorney and is also avoided by almost every paid attorney. Instead, these attorneys keep the fight alive as long as they can because they are greedy and selfish. The quickest way to assess your lawyer’s willingness to help you would be to ask them this question. “Would you be willing to immediately object to the Due Process violations in my case?” If their answer is “NO”, then you need to drop that lawyer immediately and forward a complaint to your local Attorney Grievance Commission. [your lawyer is demonstrating the “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel”]

What I am finding is that every CPS/DHS case against Respondent Parents begins with the immediate assignment of a court appointed attorney that is unwilling to object to Notice Defects and that this action locks the parent in the proceedings against them that are stealing their children.

if your due process rights have been violated…

You have to know however that these criminals are and have for decades been maintaining this criminal empire and that your declaration that the proceedings are a nullity from the beginning puts the blame directly upon them for having taken your children unlawfully [kidnapping] and that they will resist and ignore what you have done. These criminals will act as though you are crazy and they will do it collectively as a team to pressure you into compliance with their crimes.

Suits at law do not exist without proper lawful notice to all of the parties. If you will notice on your “order” following the petition hearing, their is a check box that claims that the parties were noticed as required by law. This is generally near the top because this requirement, if not met, is completely fatal to the proceedings against you! In Michigan, this box is checked regardless of it’s truth.

  1. SCMom says:

    Please contact me–I would like more on step by step procedure for calling out the ‘Notice Defect’. They have a court date coming in 2 weeks–i only went to the first one–3 days AFTER they seized my kids, i never received any court summons–other than social worker ‘tore off’ corner piece of paper with only time/date/location to meet NEXT day.
    Court never got jurisdiction on me–never said name, did not have ID on me, yet assigned GAL to me despite my refusal/rebuttal.
    When they threw me in jail due to alleged violation on their fabricated restraining order, i was forced to go to court. Now i’m out of jail, this is my last steps before they put my kids in Long Term Foster Care.

    How can i fire these appointed public defender/GAL? i have tried, yet they show up / and new one pops up in place.

    Do i go to court, stand up and say ‘I OBJECT to the Due Process violations on the alleged case(s) #114JD… and #114JD… re my son/daughter’?
    Then what do I do? They will most likely try to railroad me–all the CPS worker/my kids/defense atty all have their OWN legal counsel.

    You may email me/call me (i messaged you on YouTube w. my number)

    Thank you for all you do.

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