Upon Information received this morning, the Michigan State Police are believed to be getting ready to make a move against me again. Not sure exactly what this may entail however it is expected that their move will involve the unlawful seizure of myself and my personal property, namely my computer systems and my electronic media on some sort of trumped up criminal allegations. The website is currently down for unknown reasons.

All of this because my family’s home and it’s contents at 829 E Walton Rd in Mount Pleasant Michigan were stolen by the Isabella County Sheriff Department on September 27, 2010 and the alleged chief judge in this county would not allow 1st Amendment Redress where the accused were the same county officials that were the friends and coworkers of the same other county officials. (According to Melody Lake on my YouTube channel, claim to be… “the rest of society”)

It must be known that I am completely not violent nor am I suicidal. I am also not affiliated with any extremest groups or religious groups. I do not care about international issues and I am only concerned with the rectification of our county and state units of government.

I have discovered, proven and published that the Michigan State Supreme Court is and has been intentionally and willfully complicate in the unlawful establishment of jurisdiction and criminally maintaining jurisdiction over children residing in Michigan through the intentional conspired deprivation of 4th and 14th Amendment rights of Respondent Parents in CPS cases.

I have discovered, proven and published the fact that the Michigan Supreme Court is complicate in the willful violation of the separation of powers provisions of the state and federal constitutions by creating it’s own legislation enforced upon the people of Michigan through the Michigan Court Rules.

I have captured alleged county court judicial officer Mark Duthie lying on the court record and exposed him only to see the chief judicial terrorist Paul Chamberlain create an administrative rule (meant only for court officers) and exclude court officers from the rule while threatening to enforce the rule on the people of the state of Michigan by threat of fine and imprisonment, legislating from the bench.

It is for this and similar other reasons that I am being personally retaliated against by the criminal elements existing in our government units that include the Isabella County Sheriff Department, the FBI and the Michigan State Police.


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