Why am I afraid?

Isabella County Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain
Paul Chamberlain is the alleged chief judge in Isabella county Michigan but from what I have witnessed and observed personally, his title would be more accurate if it were “Chief Judicial Terrorist”.

In addition to dismissing my action against the county when the sheriff department and Paul Chamberlain’s friends and coworkers at the sheriff department were implicated in the theft of my family’s home and it’s contents in September 2010 completely absent any and all due process, Paul Chamberlain ordered the theft of my personal property right in the courtroom when I was trying to advocate for another victim of the police, prosecution and the courts in central Michigan when he ordered a court bailiff to steal my personal electronic devices, namely my cell phone and digital audio recorder. His act not only deprived me of my personal property without any due process but also barred me from the exercise of my 1st Amendment rights.

Additionally, Paul has recently created legislation through his creation of administrative policy in Isabella county that he intends to enforce of the people of Michigan using contempt of court to fine and imprison offenders of his policy/legislation. This “Policy/Law” is in direct violation of MCR 8.115. This Michigan Court Rule allows a chief judge to create policy for the administration of court staff and court officers only but Paul has exempted the staff including court officer lawyers and attorneys (BAR Members). Not only is Paul violating Michigan Laws and the Michigan Court Rules, he is basically doing whatever the hell he wants.

Isabella County Judge William T. Ervin
Alleged judge Ervin has established and is practicing a policy that allows a “Summons to Appear” (command of the court) to be rubber stamped in his name. These rubber stamped and sealed summonses are being used to get respondent parents into court on the same exact day the summonses are created in violation of the Michigan Court Rules and absent any judicial review.

Isabella County Judge Mark Duthie
Alleged judge and allegedly honorable Mark Duthie lied in court on February 10, 2015 in the Danielle Austin case. No: 2014-0000000099-NA, this case is public and can be viewed and copied by anyone wanting to verify my allegations against Mark. In the same case and at the same hearing, Mark Duthie “ordered by appointment” an attorney forcing representation upon Danielle Austin in violation of MCR 3.915(B)(1)(b) and additionally in violation of the Article 1 § 13 of the Michigan Constitution after refusing to confirm that he was operating under his judicial oath and bond.

  1. Bill Cummins says:

    You’re nuts! Get a job, life and be a contributing member of society like the rest of us.

    • Tell us a little bit about yourself Bill Cummins. Tell us more about the society you are talking about and suggesting I “contribute” to. Explain to us how your contributions to your society have led to your personal growth and successes in life.

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