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Yesterday I, (Ted Visner), was SERVED.

Isabella county Michigan, unable to formalize any legitimate criminal charges against me and unwilling and unable to defend itself against the criminal allegations I have levied against it, it’s alleged officials and it’s alleged sheriff department is now fraudulently moving to evict me from my property in Isabella county in another attempt to silence me after conducting a secret and fraudulent sheriff’s sale of my property at some point in November 2014.

Many of you already know that I have not made a mortgage payment on my property in over six years but may be unaware of the reasons behind that decision. Our loan was a partially funded construction loan that stopped funding when Countrywide went out of business. Countrywide had funded our construction loan to approximately 45% leaving our home approximately 45% complete and now subject to damage from the elements.

Countrywide claimed to have sold our construction loan to Bank of America and also claimed that BOA would fund the remainder for our home’s completion. Instead, Countrywide sold our loan to BOA as a fully conventional and fully conforming loan rather than the partially funded construction loan that it was, leaving us holding the bag with a partial home that we could not sell, refinance, insure or finish.

Loan modifications do not exist for construction loans and our home owner’s insurance shot up to over $7,000 per month making it instantly unavailable. With a partially completed home that we could not sell, refinance etc., we were also ineligible for any type of loan modification. The reason the Insurance jumped to over $7k per month was because the insurance company knew that a fire loss was our only way out.

The fraudulent conveyance of the mortgage from Countrywide to BOA paralyzed us and both Countrywide and BOA have been fully aware of this for the past six years. Instead of commencing any foreclosure, they simply waited for us to vacate so that they could assume possession without resistance. At least once a month over the past six years the vultures circled and took pictures of our property as they expected us to simply walk away knowing they had no grounds to foreclose.

The home itself is over 8,860 square feet, (about the size of four average homes). Although this may sound (and would be) extravagant as a personal property, it’s intended finished use was to be that of a Bed and Breakfast style shelter for battered women and children.

In December 2009, my family bought another home in Mount Pleasant Michigan, also in Isabella county, which was to serve as a more comfortable and less stressful dwelling for my family while the issues with Countrywide and BOA could be resolved. This home, located at 829 E Walton Rd in Mount Pleasant was purchased on an 18 month land contract from Shelly Sweet. Shelly Sweet was employed by the Isabella county sheriff department and told her friends and coworkers that she had bad tenants (my family) that were trashing the house (a lie) and although we had made all payments she claimed that we had not (another lie) and convinced other members of the sheriff department to perform an unlawful eviction and property seizure completely outside the courts and due process which they did, taking both our home and the contents of our home absent any lawful grounds or authority. When my family was out of town over the weekend just prior to Monday September 27, 2010, Sweet convinced her friends and coworkers that we had abandoned both the real and personal property and our place was completely looted that weekend by police and others so that she could transfer possession to an unknown third party and on Monday September 27, 2010 I was kidnapped and thrown in jail by Isabella county sheriff deputy Clinton Steinert for calling 911 (managed by Isabella county sheriff department) to report the crimes of the Isabella county sheriff department and deputy Steinert.

The Isabella county sheriff department, the Michigan State Police, the Department of Justice, The US Marshal’s Office, the FBI, the Michigan Attorney General and the Isabella county Baord of Commissioners all refused to take our criminal complaints against the Isabella county sheriff department.

When trying to report the crimes of the sheriff department to the Michigan State Police, they told me that my allegations were too hard to believe, called me a liar and instead created a police report naming the MSP as the victim of me and implied that I was violent.

After our Mount Pleasant home and the majority of it’s contents at 829 E Walton Rd were stolen by the sheriff department, we retreated back to our unfinished home at 7287 W Fremont Rd in Blanchard, Michigan.

Suit was filed in Isabella county and was heard by alleged chief judge, Paul Chamberlain. After intentionally wasting approximately 2.5 years of our time and financial resources, Paul dismissed all the defendants in the case that basically consisted of every alleged official in Isabella county but not before we had earned an ironclad default judgment against one of the civilian defendants, Robert Wheeler. Left holding the bag for the entire county’s participation in the theft of our home and it’s contents would have led to redress but instead, Paul Chamberlain heard Wheeler’s motion to set aside the default against him and motion to dismiss him from the case entirely after the court ordered close of dispositive motions and granted both while violating every rule in the book to prevent Wheeler from becoming our star witness against the county.

A timely appeal was filed in pro per. The Michigan Appellate Court struck my 60+ page appellate brief for it not conforming to the format required of legal professionals (lawyers) and then summarily dismissed my appeal for not having a brief to prevent my appeal being heard at the appellate court level creating complicity at the appellate court level.

These events taught me that the system was flawed and completely engaged in a sole purpose of “Self-Preservation” with no regard for either the Constitution nor the laws of Michigan. These events taught me that the courts were working together to stifle large liability claims against the state.

These events and others have led me to become very familiar with the laws of Michigan and the Michigan Court Rules. Only after learning the laws and rules of Michigan is it discoverable that law enforcement officers, lawyers and judges do not abide by them what so ever while using the same laws and rules to clobber everyone else over the head as if we are all completely ignorant.

Once again I am being subjected to the state acting only to enforce bank fraud and corporate interests even after I having publicly removed my consent to be governed by these same criminals. I do not recognize the authority of the county sheriff department nor their presumed authority to fraudulently conduct a sheriff sale of my property as I have personally witnessed their crimes and continuing crimes. I do not recognize the authority of the prosecutor’s office in Isabella county because I have personally witnessed their crimes and their willful participation in continuing crimes. I have personally witnessed and recorded judges of this county lying on the official transcripts in effort to protect themselves and their own self interests. I have seen, documented and fully proven the Mount Pleasant Police (Sabuda) using fraudulently created sworn information without any firsthand knowledge (a 15 year felony perjury) to kidnap, charge, convict and sentence innocent people with the court’s full knowledge and complicity of the felony perjury in the Donald Brewczynski case.

I have personally seen alleged chief judge Paul Chamberlain order the county’s paid security force acting as court bailiffs to steal my personal property as I sat in the gallery as a peaceful observer, robbing me of both my personal property and my ability to obtain audio evidence of his personal involvement in the sentencing of an innocent man on a perjured sworn information.

I have seen too much and I have come to know too much and therefore have become a threat to the usurped authority of the state and to what the state relies upon, the Public Trust.

I have been marginalized, slandered, libeled, criminalized and scandalized in every way imaginable for my stance against the criminal activities perpetrated and conducted by these alleged authorities.

In July 2014 and out of further retaliation against me, Isabella county social workers kidnapped my girlfriend’s, (Danielle Austin) three minor children without order of the court on bogus allegations after she had gone to the state for temporary assistance. In further retaliation and despite court ordered visitation, visitation has been intentionally scheduled by social worker Shaun Hutchins to occur at times when it is physically impossible for the children to attend because they are in school intentionally alienating Danielle and her children and intentionally working to destroy the parent child bonds while telling the children that their mother is not interested in seeing them (A f-ing huge lie!).

After recording judges and prosecutors lying in court while violating Michigan laws on the record and having these events posted to YouTube, I have seen alleged chief judge (judicial terrorist) Paul Chamberlain create an “administrative rule” in accordance with Michigan Court Rule MCR 8.112 intended only for internal management of the court and under an imagined and delusional authority created by MCR 8.115, and force it upon the people as if it were law using contempt charges for enforcement to completely block any and all future attempts of anyone to record judicial crimes and judicial misconduct. This was Paul Chamberlain’s official response to posted proof of judicial misconduct in the Isabella county courts on YouTube. (News articles in both the Morning Sun and CM Life.)


I have seen, proven and demonstrated the Michigan Supreme Court’s complicity in the conspired intentional deprivation of due process rights under color of law with regard to trapping respondent parents into a jurisdiction wrongfully assumed and criminally maintained through MCR 3.920(H) which preemptively and completely unconstitutionally strips all Michigan parents involved with CPS of their due process rights which ensures the state’s victory over these respondent parents and their children while intentionally destroying Michigan families while profiting financially and otherwise from the same.

MCR 3.920(H) pictured below


I have seen these same people intentionally misspell my name on summonses for jury duty to prevent my participation and have sworn testimony of others that have attested to the fact that they were essentially barred and refused jury duty for admitting to being friends with me.

In summary, I have witnessed enough criminal activities personally that has forced me to withdraw any and all implied consent to be governed by these proven criminals acting with usurped authority serving and working only to obstruct justice under color of law for their own personal gain.

I have publicly announced my declaration of independence form both my county and state governments and refuse to acknowledged any of their implied authority over me and/or my property. This includes but is not limited to denying their presumed authority to settle any and all alleged property disputes between myself, my family and others.

As a willing conductor of crime and frauds against myself and my family in the past, it is understood that the alleged sheriff and the department of sheriff will not only refuse to help my family fighting these frauds but rather continue to willingly participate in them while working to cover and conceal others.

The alleged sheriff sale of my home located at 7287 W Fremont in Blanchard Michigan in November 2014 was fraudulent and any attempt to enforce that fraudulent sale and the fraudulent eviction proceedings (File No: 15912 LT) related to that fraudulent sale by the fraudulent courts, judges and other actors of this county will be met with firm resistance.

I have continued to retreat to every extent that I am physically able and with the knowledge that redress is not at all possible in the courts, refuse to retreat any further.

Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814

  1. I hope this helps, I’ve not viewed it yet however it is one of the post from the Free Legal Aid page, also you can look into this

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