People of the state of Michigan
Fraudulent Administrative Orders of Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain
Isabella County Michigan

Paul Chamberlain has created Administrative Orders in Isabella county and he is authorized to do this ONLY for the internal administration of the court in Isabella county. Before these Administrative Orders can be enforced however, they need to be submitted to and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Administrative Order 2008-2, created by Paul Chamberlain, completely blocks the people’s ability to obtain the court recorded audio and video. Violating the Freedom of Information Act.

Administrative Order 2015-2, also created by Paul Chamberlain, completely blocks the people of Michigan from recording for themselves, all proceedings taking place in our courtrooms. Intentionally blocking, infringing, abridging and barring the 1st Amendment, among other things.

Neither of these administrative orders created solely by Paul Chamberlain have been submitted and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court for approval.

Not only is Paul Chamberlain violating his Oath as a judge, he is intentionally subverting (undermining) the authority of county government in Isabella County while inciting sedition and insurrection. Our Chief Judge in Isabella County Michigan is participating in and advocating for the overthrow of government which is a federal crime under Title 18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government

Paul Chamberlain, through the creation and enforcement of his fraudulent and unapproved Administrative Orders is demonstrating that he has personally overthrown the government in Isabella County.

If you live in Michigan and your Chief Judge is creating and enforcing “Administrative Orders” without the approval of the Michigan Supreme Court, your county has been overthrown by your judge.


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