Bruce Kilmer
Region III Director
Michigan Supreme Court 

According to what I have been able to find online, it would appear that you work and most likely live in or near Mount Pleasant Michigan as the Region III Director of the Michigan Supreme Court.

It also appears that you have the power to exercise administrative superintending control over the courts in my county to ensure that they are fair, accessible, efficient and effective. William T Ervin claimed that the court was being monitored and since that is your job, you must be the one monitoring or allegedly monitoring.

Also, it would appear that you offer training, investigations, Advice on disqualifications, the Code of Judicial Conduct, intergovernmental relationships, chief judge rule, selection and discipline of employees and judicial performance and behavior.

Since Paul Chamberlain has become a county dictator through the creation and enforcement of unapproved Administrative Orders, I would have to say that you are doing a really crappy job.

Since Kerri Curtiss believes that some administrative orders need to be approved by the Michigan Supreme Court and that other do not, I would say that you are not that good at training and selection either. Kerri Curtiss seems to believe that only Administrative Orders that are intended to become local court rules need to be sent to and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court and that my interpretation of the Annotated version of the Michigan Court Rules is somehow flawed…

Also… Paul Chamberlain has stolen property from me by ordering his private security forces of un-sworn court bailiffs to take my property as I sat peaceably in the gallery.  I have seen Paul Chamberlain convict and sentence an innocent man using perjured testimony of a Mount Pleasant Police officer without firsthand knowledge as the state’s only witness. I have seen Paul Chamberlain create Administrative Orders and enforce them without Supreme Court approval making Paul Chamberlain a dictator and a overthrower of legitimate government here in Isabella county.

Also… I have captured Mark Duthie lying and depriving Danielle Austin of her rights as secured by the Michigan Constitution’s Article 1 § 13 by denying her the ability to represent herself.

Here Mark Duthie claims that this hearing was the first time he was involved in this case when he had signed the original order in this case denying the CPS petition to remove Danielle Austin’s three children that had already been removed and have remained out of her possession for over a year now.

A breakdown of non-existant Danielle Austin’s case.

Also… William T. Ervin is rubber stamping summonses for people to appear in court on the very same day (without proper lawful notice) while people like Wendy Yost serve these summonses without following the court’s instruction that are clearly printed at the top of the proof of service for child protective proceedings.

Also… Eric Janes denies standing to all defendants on July 10, 2015 [Case No: 15-912-LT] and take away their ability to defend themselves in court.

But something tells me that you already know all of these things… Something tells me that you are more interested in preserving the state’s biggest money making schemes of child trafficking for profit and bank foreclosure fraud than you are with any real justice.

Something tells me that you are already aware of MCR 3.920(H) which was written by the Michigan Supreme Court with the specific intent of depriving Michigan Respondent Parents of their due process rights and that prosecutors all across the state preemptively rely upon this BS court rule to abuse the notice requirements to get these parents into court without any notice so that the courts and the state can have their way with these people and destroy Michigan families in the process.

From what I can tell, you are a complete failure in your job. So much so that it seems impossible that your failures could be anything less than your full cooperation and support of the terrorist acts of these alleged judges and court clerks.

I demand that you watch every video linked in this email.
As your superior supervisor and ultimate authority, I expect a full report immediately!

Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814


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