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Another of many great works by Thomas Mick.

Raising the Militia In Spite of Globalist Control.


Coming to a county near you!

A paradox has developed…

I have recognized that our government itself has become anti-government while pretending to be legitimate government. This ensures for them the protection of the courts and the police while allowing them to point a finger at constitutionalists, militia, sovereigns, veterans etc and pronounce these people and groups to be anti-government through their bought and paid media when it is actually them that are anti-government.

This really is quite a slick system.
Those who work to pervert the Constitution calling Constitution supporters anti-government… Well… the joke is on them folks. We have had enough!

My Facebook wall and this blog is almost exclusively for the business of fixing our county, state and federal government units. I have recognized that our governments consist of men and women that generally do not follow the law, the truth and the Constitution. We are no longer a virtuous nation. What used to be the exception has now become the rule.

My primary area of focus and concern is the loss of our judiciary… The loss of our courts.

I have found the Michigan Supreme Court to be willfully complicate in the state’s ability to kidnap Michigan children through CPS by creating court rules that were designed to intentionally deprive respondent parents of their due process rights in the adjudicative phase of CPS proceedings that kidnap our children absent due process. By willfully denying respondent parents Due Process, the state is able to win every CPS case regardless of the accuracy or truth of the allegations against the parent.

Michigan Court Rule 3.920(H) allows the state to kidnap Michigan children through the willful and premeditated deprivation of the rights of the parents of these kidnapped children. This process destroys Michigan families while bringing federal money to the state for each child kidnapped. This is a federal crime being committed by the Michigan Supreme Court where a sentence of death could result. (See Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 & 242)

After these children are kidnapped by the state, the state makes the parent pay for all of the parasitic services of corporations that have grown up around and in support of CPS and for their own personal gains. Drug testing, parenting classes and counseling primarily. This financially exhausts most families which keeps them from being able to afford proper legal counsel and essentially BARS & OBSTRUCTS the true and fair administration of justice.

The kidnapped children are then scheduled excessive counseling to fortify parental alienation. Getting the children to believe that their parents were bad is the goal. This creates the appearance that the children are both receptive to and appreciative of having been saved by the state. (Stockholm Syndrome)

Additionally and on a different assault on the People of Michigan, The Michigan Supreme Court has recently overturned by unsigned order, the Michigan Appellate Court ruling that found the shell company MERS had no standing to foreclose on Michigan homeowners. This Michigan Appellate Court decision would have stopped fraudulent MERS foreclosures in Michigan by the straw-company known as MERS or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

Michigan’s highest court is practicing the obstruction of justice and the deprivation of our rights under color of law and “Color of Government”.

In my work, I have discovered that their exists no deterrent to these things because our police support our judiciary and our judiciary supports our police while our state Militia is splintered, disorganized and entirely dysfunctional.

As the People’s need for a unified state Militia for the security of a free state increases, so does it’s opposition and the resistance of it by our corrupt government.

A paradox has developed… I have recognized that our government itself has become anti-government to escape the chains of the Constitution while pretending to be government. This ensures for them the protection of the courts and the police while allowing them to point a finger at constitutionalists, militia, sovereigns, veterans etc and pronounce these people and groups to be anti-government through their bought and paid media when it is actually them that are anti-government.

It is only after we truly recognize the situation for what it is that we can make lasting corrections.

Our state and national Militias are an institution so vital to the survival of our country that our founders mentioned it several times in our Constitution and most notably in the 2nd Amendment.

Amendment II – A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Is our state free? NO it isn’t and if you don’t already know this you are asleep.

Since our country was established, the founders recognized that it would be the job of the people to ensure that our nation states remained free.

Having worked in the United States Navy on nuclear submarines and tending ballistic nuclear missiles, I have experience with effective deterrents.

Since the security of our free states have been lost, it only stands to reason that our state’s Militias are and have been entirely ineffective as a deterrent to state corruption.

It is time to change all that.

Just because we have lots of submarines loaded with lots of nuclear ballistic missiles does not mean that we use them every day. Just having them and the entire world knowing that we have them has helped to maintain the peace with foreign powers also well equipped with these very significant deterrents.

The People are the Militia.
The People are the 4th Branch of Government superior to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

We have been neglectful in our duties.

I would like to see non-violent change. I would consider myself a pacifist at heart but I can not make any guarantees if I am cornered and stripped of rights not strippable (inalienable).

My overall objective is to redefine the Militia.

We the People need to do all we can do to restore our Republic regardless of our ability and/or desire to drill with rifles on the weekends. The People of the many states need to reclaim Militia roles in our society if we are going to stop a bloody revolution.

Only by creating a strong deterrent to corruption can we slow, stop and reverse the steady decay of our once great nation.

The only extremism we see today is Forceful Unconstitutionality perpetrated by our anti-government government.

If my views differ from your significantly, please follow rather than friend me to save room for those more active in restoring some greater assemblage of virtue to our nation and to our government.

Peace and God Bless

Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814


This is, in-an-of itself, completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it allows the bank to take your home absent any ruling of any court which is the absence of Due Process which is a constitutional violation and a violation of Federal Criminal law.

Governments were instituted among men primary for the protection of our property and currently, our governments are doing the exact opposite.

Foreclosure on Real property is supposed to be about a legal process whereas the bank and the homeowner duke out their differences in court.

How did the “Non-Judicial Foreclosure Practice” come about? Bank funded lobbyist made this possible so the bank could take our homes without having to go to court.

Why did the “Non-Judicial Foreclosure Practice” come to be? Banks don’t want to fight in court because every time they do, they risk exposing the fraud they have been perpetrating upon the American people for decades.

Why has BOA cut my redemption period in half and attempting to evict me right now? Because they want to cripple me and take away my ability to fight.

Why does the Michigan judiciary allow my bank to evict my family 6 months short of our 12 month redemption period? Because they only support the banks and trying to cover up this fraud that they themselves have allowed to take place against the American people for decades… and because they too would like to see my ability to fight crippled.

It isn’t like our judiciary simply fell off the map and out of the picture. It would be better for the people if that were in fact the case as communities would be pulling together and forming stronger neighborhood watch programs etc. But no… Our judiciary is still here but performing the obstruction of justice rather than the administration of justice.

I know these things… the banks knows these things and the judiciary in Michigan knows these thing… Unfortunately for the banks and the courts, hundreds of people are becoming aware of these things every single day.

Since the Non-Judicial Foreclosure process is completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL, every foreclosure that has been “Non-Judicial” is VOID and the people that have lost their home in non-judicial proceedings should get their property back!

How in the hell could the state ever recover from this self made dilemma?
Short answer… IT CAN’T!

This isn’t even the complete picture yet folks. I know of at least 10 different things that are equally devastating to the state. Things that would completely devastate the state and all of it’s alleged officials.

10 different things that would, each on their own, completely devastate the state as we know it today. Myself and a great many others know that this is exactly what is needed to restore government to it’s original scope and design complete with virtue.

Each of these frauds could and should completely destroy our state but this is not being allowed to happen because the government will not relinquish control because these state actors are getting paid.

What keeps us trapped in this fraud is that once this cat is out of the bag… it’s never getting back in ever!

Why does the state and the supporters of the state take every opportunity to scandalize and marginalize people like me?
That is really simple math folks…

I have come to rely upon the fact that this WordPress BLOG AND my Facebook wall are constantly monitored by county, state and federal “authorities” and that I can use this medium to post official public notices to them. Thanks fellas!

On July 10, 2015 – Appointed and not elected judge Eric Janes denied standing in court to my wife and I as we attempted to defend ourselves in court. Even though we were specifically listed as the defendants in that case (aimed at TAKING our property), our testimony was completely ignored and disregarded by Eric Janes and he issued an order of possession to Bank of America for our marital home at 7287 W Fremont Rd in Blanchard, Michigan.

This act by Eric Janes was the intentional deprivation of due process rights under color of law… A federal crime under Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 & 242. Eric Janes, while committing this federal crime, was not acting in any recognized judicial capacity and his ruling is VOID ab initio (from the beginning). The proceedings on July 10 are a complete nullity period.

Since this time, the court(s) in Isabella county have gone further to issue an order of eviction to Bank of America in proceedings that are already a nullity which is another intentional fraud upon the court and upon the People of Michigan as Eric Janes claims to be acting for the People of Michigan.

Neither Kathy Smith nor Theodore Visner would ever seek relief through appeal to the same people that are actively and voluntarily commuting acts of crime against them. This would be insane. The courts in Isabella county have already refused to acknowledge our standing to defend ourselves in an action to steal our property and we would go to these same criminals seeking ANY relief? Hell NO! We never scheduled a hearing in your courts because our appeal will NOT be heard there!

We have filed an appeal in Federal Court recognizing the absence of a legitimate judiciary in Isabella County and the absence of any legitimate state judiciary.

Isabella County and it’s alleged judiciary can NOT deny our appeal as they themselves are the SUBJECT and the CAUSE of our claims for which we are seeking redress.

Bank of America has moved to evict us before they are lawfully able and this fraudulent act is being supported and approved by the county and state judiciary contrary to the facts and the law.

Any attempt to forcibly remove my family from our property is the continuation of crimes of Isabella county already in progress and will be dealt with accordingly.


ss/ Theodore Visner
(989) 954-2814

PS: Just because you arrogant ass-hats can pump out orders on county stationary doesn’t make them lawful or legal!

The Mouth of The Kenai

Photo by Jenny Neyman, Redoubt Reporter. Ray Southwell, left, and Norm Olson, of Nikiski, dressed in uniform for an information meeting about the formation of an Alaska Militia on Friday at the Nikiski Recreation Center.

By Jenny Neyman

Redoubt Reporter

Alaskans should be afraid, but not of the formation of a militia.

That was the message of Norm Olson, co-founder of the Michigan Militia, who moved to Nikiski about five years ago and now is attempting to recruit citizen soldiers to expand the fledgling Alaska Militia founded on the Kenai Peninsula. Olson and Michigan Militia co-founder Ray Southwell, who also now lives in Nikiski, headed an informational meeting Thursday night at the Nikiski Recreation Center to explain the history, purpose and function of the militia, and what they see as the pressing need for it today.

“We’re looking at catastrophe just a couple months away — economic collapse, food shortages around the world, prices in stores are gonna go skyrocketing with this inflation — so there are people right now that are very uneasy. They may not want to admit it, but they have no…

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Since taking interim command of the Michigan Militia I have heard from less than a dozen people claiming to be the commanders of their individual groups here in Michigan. This is great since I have no desire to take command of nor issue orders to any of these groups and my intent is only to increase membership and participation.

Most of these splinter group leaders claim that they have earned their rank through the normal process and have earned their leadership position (title) though a closed group vote and that they resent my having taken command yet none of them have made the claim that they are already the commander of the single state’s Militia.

What does this mean for the state’s Militia?… We don’t have one.

Lee Miracle says in a public press release, and I quote


This is exactly what I have done.

The people of Michigan should take a good look at what the initial and prolonged response from the existing leadership has been with regard to myself and the effects these responses have had and continue to have on the perception of our state’s militia groups. Here is another quote.

“Mr. Visner,

Clearly you have no understanding or idea how the militias in Michigan work. You won’t be assuming command of anything. You’re already publicly humiliated. You’re going to be much moreso when we all band together to laugh in your face.

Commanding Officer/Coordinator
West Michigan Volunteer Militia/ Sentinel”


Is this the face and the spokes person of our state’s Militia?

The Michigan Militia has lacked state leadership for a great number of years and it appears as though the splinter groups are all fighting for popularity.

Our state’s Militia needs a statewide presence and this simply can not be left to the most popular unit commander and some perceived influence over all the others. I AM the interim commander and I WILL establish a true state Militia and I will ensure that the people of this state get to vote for it’s new state commander.

I am not a Dictator and I will not collect money for nor issue orders to any unit in Michigan during my command. When I am done however, every unit in Michigan will answer to and take orders from the State Militia Commander. Now ask yourself… What true Michigan patriot would be opposed to this type of statewide order within our Militia?

Currently Militia membership numbers are roughly 1/100th of one percent of Michigan’s Registered Voter population of 7.2 million.

As always, I am available by phone at (989) 954-2814


Ted Visner

On an interim basis and until order can be established, I am taking command of the Militia here in my home state of Michigan after having recognized that the position is currently vacant and that pretenders are running amok.

Interim Command Headquarters:  The property at 7287 W Fremont Rd. Blanchard, MI 49310 has been stolen by the courts in Isabella County through the intentional deprivation of Due Process.

Interim Commanding Officer:  Theodore (Ted) Visner  – Phone:  (989) 954-2814

Leadership meetings are encouraged in ever county throughout every state in the US.

The Michigan Militia will be structured with different branches with different departments within those branches very much like the US Military.

The Militia is NOT Anti-Government like the media is trying to convince the general public. Currently the government itself is anti-government and this needs to be rectified immediately. The collapse of the current structure of government is imminent and the Militia needs to be ready to maintain peace in our communities if we are to maintain stability in our society.


Peace and God Bless

Ted Visner