Some Militia Leaders Complicate in Crimes of the State

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have found that many of the larger patriot group leadership positions have been compromised. Once you realize that the true patriot Militia will respond to the people’s grand jury indictments, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination or effort to see how and why a substantial effort would not be placed inside the Militia itself to defeat more Bundy Ranch situations before they even get started.

In my county, (Isabella County Michigan), the chief judge here has taken over our county as a dictator by creating his own policy/law complete with sentencing and fines through the creation of court rules that BAR the Freedom of Information Act and the 1st Amendment. These policies created by Paul Chamberlain were supposed to be approved by the Michigan Supreme Court but as a dictator and insurrectionist, he skipped that step before he started enforcing his will on the people using a private security force of un-sworn men calling them bailiffs and court officers when they are nothing more than a mercenary force that is paid to follow the orders of their employer. Not only is Paul Chamberlain an insurrectionist, he has fortified his position with armed men.

It must be our goal to keep our issues Prima Facie and easy to understand at first. This will help us to uncover militia leaders that are state actors. Not sure if you watched my viral video “First shots of the revolution” or not but it got immediate response from the “militia” even though I was making my stand alone. Militia members came to my home and asked me to produce loan documents so they could determine if Bank of America had actually violated my constitutional rights and when I refused to give the militia the loan documents (because that particular part of the problem is a CIVIL matter) they issued a nationwide stand down order claiming that I was refusing to give them proof. As we all know or should know, banks can not violate our constitutionally secured rights directly. In my case, the bank moved to evict me and my family and the court (alleged judge Eric Janes) denied us standing to defend ourselves even though we were the named defendants. The courts are denying due process (a constitutional violation) and the “militia leaders” want to look for violations of rights in loan documents over four inches thick?

Those who work to defray and deflect the issues are simply working for the other side. I have come to believe that it is a very important part of our duty to out these infiltrators as we work to restore our republic. Somehow people can accept that our government has been taken over but that somehow our nation’s patriot groups are immune from infiltration.

Peace and God Bless

Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814

  1. Charlie Zeroone says:

    Militias aren’t going to defend you in a civil matter and nothing unconstitutional was committed by the courts. Until you can show anyone proof that you haven’t got your due process and not just you blaming everyone else for your problems, your not going to sway opinions

    • Good Charlie!
      They shouldn’t be looking to defend anyone in civil matters!
      Alleged Militia that do not know the difference between Civil issues and Constitutional issues are not and can not consider themselves Militia period.

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