Michigan Supreme Court is Without Honor

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Speaking to the current and intentional state of our Michigan courts.

Stating that our courts are “CORRUPT” is incredibly insufficient. The identification and exploitation of criminal intent is required to establish a basis for meaningful and lasting change.In “Child Protective Proceedings” (CPS Cases), the Michigan Supreme Court has built a provision into the Michigan Court Rules that serves to save lower courts from wanton Due Process violations with regard to Respondent Parents. The specific court rule is MCR 3.920(H).

This Michigan Court Rule allows the court, the prosecutors, public defenders and agencies such as CPS and DHS to rely on the ability to unlawfully establish jurisdiction without proper lawful notice to the parties which is aterminal defect to the proceedings themselves.

MCR 3.920(H) Notice Defects. The appearance and participation of a party at a hearing is a waiver by that party of defects in service with respect to that hearing unless objections…

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