I guess I should be flattered that someone would actually take the time to write this tabloid style smear campaign against me as if I were something more than a simple carpenter.

It is good to see that some people are actually paying attention to the actual facts and can decipher between what is factual and what is being made up!

A friend of mine took the time to create this image of the MFI-MIAMI article with factual comments inserted about some of it’s contents. I haven’t read the entire article myself because I have more important things to be working on but from what I have read, it’s completely laughable. I also see this writing as what Isabella County would like to say itself but can not and has not due to the fact that it a manufactured lie.

I think that it would be safe to say that if the article written about me were even remotely true that I would be arrested for making false criminal allegations against the county and it’s alleged officials.

I am deeply touched and honored that a friend would actually take the time to accurately point out some of the toxic deceptions in this article.

Here is a clickable YouTube link referenced in the picture above.




Ted Visner

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