Ted Visner is Taking Command of the Michigan Militia Effective Immediately

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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On an interim basis and until order can be established, I am taking command of the Militia here in my home state of Michigan after having recognized that the position is currently vacant and that pretenders are running amok.

Interim Command Headquarters:  The property at 7287 W Fremont Rd. Blanchard, MI 49310 has been stolen by the courts in Isabella County through the intentional deprivation of Due Process.

Interim Commanding Officer:  Theodore (Ted) Visner  – Phone:  (989) 954-2814

Leadership meetings are encouraged in ever county throughout every state in the US.

The Michigan Militia will be structured with different branches with different departments within those branches very much like the US Military.

The Militia is NOT Anti-Government like the media is trying to convince the general public. Currently the government itself is anti-government and this needs to be rectified immediately. The collapse of the current structure of government is imminent and the Militia needs to be ready to maintain peace in our communities if we are to maintain stability in our society.


Peace and God Bless

Ted Visner

  1. […] Ted Visner is Taking Command of the Michigan Militia Effective Immediately. […]

  2. AXJ says:

    Congratulations Mr. Ted Visner. Finally an honourable Vet takes charge to protect and defend the US Constitution according to the Second Amendment.

  3. who do I contact to join the militia in van buren county Michigan

      We the People have forgotten… steered away from… allowed to be taken… allowed to be smeared… allowed to be slandered and allowed to be desecrated the actual mechanisms that are supposed to keep all government [including police] in check. We have allowed the media to convert a constitutional fixture [Militia] into a terrorist buzz word through fear and propaganda.

      It took me a while to fully understand this but the most important part of the 2nd Amendment is that bit about the Militia being necessary for the security of a free state.

      Think about this for a second… What good is the “right to keep and bear arms” if you lack the men and women willing to keep and bear them to maintain the security of a free state?

      If you were in charge of a runaway government hell bent on destroying a nation… what are the first things you would do?

      Well here is what I would do… First I would completely obliterate the Militia through propaganda, intimidation and fear tactics then offer safe harbor [through prosecutorial discretion] to police, judges, prosecutor and lawyers whom all do my bidding.

      The keys to the kingdom lay right in front of us at our feet and the only thing we need to do to possess them is to understand these few concepts.

      Organized Militia – Works for and at the discretion of the Governor [the state]
      Organized Militia – Works with a top down command structure like the National Guard, the Army and all other branches of military.
      Organized Militia – Works with all the bullshit piled into statutory law books like handgun registration and concealed carry permits. It could be argued that “Law Enforcement” is organized militia.

      Unorganized Militia – Consists of everyone not working for the state.
      Unorganized Militia – Works with a bottom up command structure. Seemingly hectic and chaotic but ultimately simple and completely unstoppable.
      Unorganized Militia – Has three primary functions. Repel boarders and invasion, carry out the orders of the union and eliminate insurrection.

      Since the majority of our public servants are actively and wilfully participating in insurrection against our nation, our constitution and the people, hopefully you can see now why eliminating the Militia has been such a high priority for the state.

      The state has effectively eliminated the only real deterrent [the unorganized Militia] to the runaway crimes and corruption they are committing against the people and our state and federal constitutions.

      Unorganized simply means that individual units are autonomous in relation to all others. If it is the goal of every unorganized unit to restore the Republic, restore accountability and restore constitutional law and values, the unorganized Militia becomes entirely unstoppable.

      If you are part of a large group, club or organization that tells you what to do, you are part of an Organized Militia that can and will be steered to ultimately work to further serve our oppression.

      Units of 3, 5, 8 & 10 men driven by the values, morality and integrity that went into the creation of the Constitution can NOT be stopped, misdirected or made useless and totally ineffective by the state.

      These individual units are then organized within themselves and have a Commander, Communications Officer, Quartermaster at a minimum.

      These units take on a speciality or trade that makes best use of their particular skill sets and these specialties resemble the different ratings [job titles] found in every military.

      I think that the biggest misnomer/lie is that every Militia unit needs to be the equivalent of the speciality know as “infantry” mainly because it works to dissuade participation from people that may be excellent with Intel, Communications, Medical, Legal, Construction, etc etc etc.

      Ted Visner
      (989) 954-2814

    • AXJ says:

      Please contact AXJ MICHIGAN immediately since we are going to arrest the governor.

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