‘Evil this way comes’ — Militia founders warn of need to grow local militia effort

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Mouth of The Kenai

Photo by Jenny Neyman, Redoubt Reporter. Ray Southwell, left, and Norm Olson, of Nikiski, dressed in uniform for an information meeting about the formation of an Alaska Militia on Friday at the Nikiski Recreation Center.

By Jenny Neyman

Redoubt Reporter

Alaskans should be afraid, but not of the formation of a militia.

That was the message of Norm Olson, co-founder of the Michigan Militia, who moved to Nikiski about five years ago and now is attempting to recruit citizen soldiers to expand the fledgling Alaska Militia founded on the Kenai Peninsula. Olson and Michigan Militia co-founder Ray Southwell, who also now lives in Nikiski, headed an informational meeting Thursday night at the Nikiski Recreation Center to explain the history, purpose and function of the militia, and what they see as the pressing need for it today.

“We’re looking at catastrophe just a couple months away — economic collapse, food shortages around the world, prices in stores are gonna go skyrocketing with this inflation — so there are people right now that are very uneasy. They may not want to admit it, but they have no…

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