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I have come to rely upon the fact that this WordPress BLOG AND my Facebook wall are constantly monitored by county, state and federal “authorities” and that I can use this medium to post official public notices to them. Thanks fellas!

On July 10, 2015 – Appointed and not elected judge Eric Janes denied standing in court to my wife and I as we attempted to defend ourselves in court. Even though we were specifically listed as the defendants in that case (aimed at TAKING our property), our testimony was completely ignored and disregarded by Eric Janes and he issued an order of possession to Bank of America for our marital home at 7287 W Fremont Rd in Blanchard, Michigan.

This act by Eric Janes was the intentional deprivation of due process rights under color of law… A federal crime under Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 & 242. Eric Janes, while committing this federal crime, was not acting in any recognized judicial capacity and his ruling is VOID ab initio (from the beginning). The proceedings on July 10 are a complete nullity period.

Since this time, the court(s) in Isabella county have gone further to issue an order of eviction to Bank of America in proceedings that are already a nullity which is another intentional fraud upon the court and upon the People of Michigan as Eric Janes claims to be acting for the People of Michigan.

Neither Kathy Smith nor Theodore Visner would ever seek relief through appeal to the same people that are actively and voluntarily commuting acts of crime against them. This would be insane. The courts in Isabella county have already refused to acknowledge our standing to defend ourselves in an action to steal our property and we would go to these same criminals seeking ANY relief? Hell NO! We never scheduled a hearing in your courts because our appeal will NOT be heard there!

We have filed an appeal in Federal Court recognizing the absence of a legitimate judiciary in Isabella County and the absence of any legitimate state judiciary.

Isabella County and it’s alleged judiciary can NOT deny our appeal as they themselves are the SUBJECT and the CAUSE of our claims for which we are seeking redress.

Bank of America has moved to evict us before they are lawfully able and this fraudulent act is being supported and approved by the county and state judiciary contrary to the facts and the law.

Any attempt to forcibly remove my family from our property is the continuation of crimes of Isabella county already in progress and will be dealt with accordingly.


ss/ Theodore Visner
(989) 954-2814

PS: Just because you arrogant ass-hats can pump out orders on county stationary doesn’t make them lawful or legal!


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