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This is, in-an-of itself, completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it allows the bank to take your home absent any ruling of any court which is the absence of Due Process which is a constitutional violation and a violation of Federal Criminal law.

Governments were instituted among men primary for the protection of our property and currently, our governments are doing the exact opposite.

Foreclosure on Real property is supposed to be about a legal process whereas the bank and the homeowner duke out their differences in court.

How did the “Non-Judicial Foreclosure Practice” come about? Bank funded lobbyist made this possible so the bank could take our homes without having to go to court.

Why did the “Non-Judicial Foreclosure Practice” come to be? Banks don’t want to fight in court because every time they do, they risk exposing the fraud they have been perpetrating upon the American people for decades.

Why has BOA cut my redemption period in half and attempting to evict me right now? Because they want to cripple me and take away my ability to fight.

Why does the Michigan judiciary allow my bank to evict my family 6 months short of our 12 month redemption period? Because they only support the banks and trying to cover up this fraud that they themselves have allowed to take place against the American people for decades… and because they too would like to see my ability to fight crippled.

It isn’t like our judiciary simply fell off the map and out of the picture. It would be better for the people if that were in fact the case as communities would be pulling together and forming stronger neighborhood watch programs etc. But no… Our judiciary is still here but performing the obstruction of justice rather than the administration of justice.

I know these things… the banks knows these things and the judiciary in Michigan knows these thing… Unfortunately for the banks and the courts, hundreds of people are becoming aware of these things every single day.

Since the Non-Judicial Foreclosure process is completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL, every foreclosure that has been “Non-Judicial” is VOID and the people that have lost their home in non-judicial proceedings should get their property back!

How in the hell could the state ever recover from this self made dilemma?
Short answer… IT CAN’T!

This isn’t even the complete picture yet folks. I know of at least 10 different things that are equally devastating to the state. Things that would completely devastate the state and all of it’s alleged officials.

10 different things that would, each on their own, completely devastate the state as we know it today. Myself and a great many others know that this is exactly what is needed to restore government to it’s original scope and design complete with virtue.

Each of these frauds could and should completely destroy our state but this is not being allowed to happen because the government will not relinquish control because these state actors are getting paid.

What keeps us trapped in this fraud is that once this cat is out of the bag… it’s never getting back in ever!

Why does the state and the supporters of the state take every opportunity to scandalize and marginalize people like me?
That is really simple math folks…

  1. boilingover says:

    and if the courts and laws refuse to protect us then we have every right to protect ourselves and must. There is no law that states we have to submit to illegal acts of crime and fraud and anyone trying to force that upon us is not acting lawfully. They are criminals committing crime and nobody is obligated to be a victim. Your obligation is to protect yourself and family. Theirs is to protect money and criminals. Do the math.

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