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Intentionally Dysfunctional Militia

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This is my 7th draft in response to this publication that is being put out and promoted by the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia (SMVM) and in conjunction/cooperation with This publication has me so pissed off that I can’t see straight and explains the reason that I have taken command of the People’s Unified Militia of Michigan!
The police do not need the help of the Michigan Militia but somehow the alleged leaders of the Militia believe that they do. The US Military does not need the help of the Militia but again… the alleged leaders of what calls itself the Michigan Militia believes that it does. Posting armed “Militia” to defend recruiting stations? Really? Does the Militia intend to do this forever or just until the American people get comfortable with seeing and accepting armed US soldiers on American soil?
If Michigan had a legitimate Militia, it would be serving the people and the communities of Michigan and not the county, state and federal governments. What is currently in place that is calling itself Militia is nothing more than a state funded patriot name harvesting operation to make sure Michigan never again builds a 1994 Norm Olsen style Militia.
This picture and it’s message makes me want to vomit but at the same time I’m glad to see it because it clearly demonstrates that what calls itself “Militia” is clearly NOT Militia. I say this carefully and with great caution and reserve because I know that there are MANY people in the Militia that do not agree with nor support the statist ideals of the current leadership and for this I am grateful; and a sincere thanks for reaching out! ❤ ❤ ❤
If you are participating in the Militia to blindly support the police then you should go and join the police force. If you want to serve the state then go and join the National Guard. The police and the national guard do NOT need the help and support of the Militia whereas the People of Michigan do and what calls itself leadership is completely benign to this fact!
A Militia that will support and defend the police will also support and defend National Guard Troops, FBI and UN Troops regardless of the intent of these troops!
A Militia that will support and defend the police will also support and defend the police when they come to confiscate your guns and this so-called Militia will shoot you for wanting to defend your rights and your personal property while claiming you are going to war with the police?
A Militia that will support and defend the police will also support and defend the police when they accompany CPS to kidnap your children and this so-called Militia will shoot you for wanting to defend your rights and your own flesh and blood?
A Militia that will support and defend the police will also support and defend the police when they come to evict you from your home after the county judges denied your family’s due process rights in court and then shoot you for being at war with your county and police.
A Militia that will stand with police against people believed to be at war with the police will also stand with the police when the police have gone to war with certain people… like me… Ted Visner and many many others right here in Michigan. Clearly demonstrated over the last two months with the so-called Militia’s smear and disinformation campaign against lil ol me.
My sheriff department stole my family’s home and it’s contents. They stole the belongings of my children and my wife! The elected sheriff and the elected prosecutor, the county judge, the local paper and the entire board of county commissioners refused my family redress and immediately started scandalizing me. I did not go to war with my county, my county went to war with me! Because my county has gone to war with me I have to also watch my back with the Militia? BS! If my family can be victimized like this by the state and the Militia stands to defend the state, we are in real serious trouble here folks and this is exactly what many of you just watched play out!
I am glad that SMVM produced this picture as it exactly defines the problem here in Michigan. Are these people going to go to Eaton County Michigan to support and defend Sgt. Frost and the Eaton county sheriff department for having murdered 17 year old Deven Guilford? According to this picture they are! They will also probably attack Deven’s parents and family members when they attempt to seek redress, (Or as SMVM puts it, going to war with the police), like they have with me in my attempts to peacefully seek redress over the past five years in my county and state.
I am not condoning or suggesting violence against police or anyone else for that matter. Violence and crime are not acceptable. All lives matter! On the other hand, aligning oneself with police, judges and county prosecutors that commit crimes against the people is also NOT acceptable. Allowing one’s self to be ignorant of these crimes by the state against the People is also completely UNACCEPTABLE.
Pretending these problems created by the state do not exist is pure denial and while in denial, things will never get any better but only get worse. A People’s Unified State Militia is not for the gun strength but for the strength of the people over those with guns enforcing tyranny. A true People’s Militia would serve as a non violent deterrent to state sanctioned crimes against the people and if it were being done correctly, we wouldn’t see the crimes of the state that we see today.
The SMVM, serving to fortify the police, are serving to fortify the oppression of the People of Michigan. This is like the Militia siding with the redcoats during the battle for independence and is absolutely insane! While you claim that you, as Militia, would never do this, please remember that two people in the Militia prevented hundreds of people responding to this situation in Isabella county by rapidly spreading disinformation and cutting off all support, legitimate or otherwise. Were you persuaded by the fact that I refused to provide lone documents to people looking for constitutional violations in loan documents rather than court documents?
To the leadership of the SMVM, thanks for putting your true objective into a clear and concise perspective for the People of Michigan. Well done!
Peace and may God Bless us all.
Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814
PS: The targeting of Police is WRONG! Don’t do it! The targeting of my family and other families in Michigan by the police, militia and other state actors is also WRONG! Stop doing it! Fixing our problems start with the acknowledgment and recognition that there is a problem and not siding with one side or the other but rather siding with the truth and our constitution.
PSS: To all who have reached out in support of creating a legitimate People’s Militia, it is time to hunker down. Organize yourselves into manageable strike teams and continue with current leadership as these issues will work to resolve themselves for the most part through the proper growth of the Militia. Remember that command comes from the bottom up in the Militia and that each man and each unit is responsible for their actions.
PSSS: It is not always necessary to use force. Training in the field most generally includes and involves the use of weaponry when most situations can be resolved simply with a showing of personnel. Fortunately today, we still have the ability to make a strong showing that can be very compelling and persuasive without being armed to the teeth and in full dress. We need to retire the notion that we can only be effective with a military style presence and assert ourselves sternly yet peacefully while this window is still open.
PSSSS: I would rather enter into a confrontation with the county or state with a half dozen patriots over 70 armed only with a firm belief and understanding of our constitution than with ANY number of armed Militia. Remember this folks and stop dismissing our Militia’s most valuable resource out of hand because they are older!



On August 13, 2015 – My wife and I filed a case in the Federal Court in Bay City, also known as “United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan”.

The case file number assigned is 1:15-mc-51144.

At the same time I made application to become an e-filer and was granted permission to use the e-file system after I had completed a short online training course offered through

After successfully completing the online course I was granted access only to find that the access was massively restricted (to me) in it’s designed capabilities to such a degree that I could not even change my primary email address. Also… that I could not use the e-filing system to e-file a new case. This restricted access is the deprivation of equal access to the judicial system at the fed court level and is completely unacceptable.

Additionally… The Case I filed on August 13, 2015 does not appear in my e-file profile meaning I have no ability to e-file in that case.

Additionally… In December 2014 I had filed a different “Civil Case” at the same Federal Court and was assigned Case No. 1:14-cv-14610. When I filed this case back in December, I also applied for the ability to e-file at that time and was rejected based upon the fact that the application form asked me if I already had an “e-file account” and I answered “NO” because I didn’t already have an account. This was just a bullshit excuse to keep me from having the ability to e-file. This case also does NOT appear in my e-file online profile and I am unable to e-file with regard to that case as well.

Here is the email conversation that I am having with Kelly Clark. The PDF linked below is an email so you should read it from the bottom up. I will post her reply if I ever get one… at this point I’m not holding my breath.

Kelly Clark_001b

Email between Kelly L. Clark and Ted Visner: Re_ Pro Se E-Filing Training

Here is what the Docketing Sheet looks like now…

FED Court GAMES_001