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Another excellent piece by Thomas Mick

Source: Exercising our Natural Right of Self-defense against the Agents of Tyranny


Support the Work of Ted Visner

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

To support the work of Ted Visner and his fight against Judicial Corruption, Malfeasance and Organized Crime, select a link below.

Both of these accounts go directly to support Visner and his efforts to restore our Republic form of government.

A new day is dawning and if you are not happy with the direction our country is heading, you should either get involved yourself or at least support the work of others who are out there on the front lines every single day as true servants of the people of the United States.

What Ted Visner is working on at the moment.

1st. – Mr. Visner is hitting the mark and is being retaliated against by his local county of Isabella in the state of Michigan. On September 17, 2015, Mr. Visner was abducted from a restaraunt parking lot by more than a dozen Isabella County Sheriff Department Deputies on misdemeanor charges listed as “Squatting, Trespassing, Operating without a license, Operating without a Current Registration (Plate)”. Mr Visner’s bail was initially set at $200,000.00 dollars because of his work in fighting the judicial crime and corruption within Isabella County.

Isabella county also abducted Mr. Visner’s girlfriend (Danielle Austin) three children out of retaliation as well by the DHS/CPS of Isabella County.