The Second American Revolution

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Restoring the American Republic

In my opinion, the brutal and provocative actions of the corporate thugs calling themselves law enforcement are attempting to get large numbers of American resistance fighters to mass in one location to resist them in force. As I stated in other articles, I don’t believe we should mass in one location in a pitched battle against occupying globalist forces; it is the wrong move when the enemy controls command and control of the republic. Instead, we should attack the agents of the oligarchy in our communities like a pissed off nest of angry hornets in hit and run raids that harass and interfere with the enemies plans and operations. At first, all of these operations must be conducted autonomously, without a central command that can be infiltrated and destroyed.

The proper beginning of resistance against an entrenched enemy occupation is through guerrilla warfare, urban and rural. By raiding supply convoys…

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