Questions Regarding the Raising of a Legitimate and Functional Militia

Posted: March 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you have any questions about the state’s Militia, call Ted Visner at (989) 954-2814 but first read this post…

A legitimate Militia is commanded from the bottom up. Individual units of 5, 8 & 10 man units take all of their orders from the commander inside of these individual units.

These individual units are autonomous and only issues orders within. Any attempt to issue or persuade other units or to order or attempt to control other units to do anything is a subversion tactic that has been entirely effective to nullify a genuine and legitimate Militia presence here in Michigan.

Every unit commander has got to have his/her shit together and know the difference between the Constitution as the law of the land and the administrative statutes that take on the appearance of law which are often times unconstitutional thus void.

Unit commanders that support handgun registration, concealed carry permits that have a blind unwavering respect for law enforcement are NOT commanders that you want to follow unless you want to serve up your own oppression. If your unit commander spends more time talking about things that your unit could never possibly be in any position to do anything about; IE: Syria, Turkey, Russia and shenanigans going on in D.C. while ignoring the fact that our own supreme court here in Michigan is creating rules that usurp the power and function of our legislative branch of government, you are following the wrong commander.

If you have started a group, get organized and train and work to uniform yourself and your unit to look sharp and to be sharp. Make sure that the intel shared within your group is relevant to Michigan and relevant to your own community.

In almost every county in Michigan, the chief judge has made himself a county dictator by creating internal policies for the administration of the courts under rule MCR 8.112 and then forcing compliance upon the people while exempting everyone internal management would ordinarily govern.

If your county is being ruled by a judge dictator [like the one in Isabella county, MI] outside any and every lawful authority and you are more concerned about the politics in Israel, you are only working to serve the state and are fueling the problems here in our own country.

Your country’s BAN on cellphones and recording devices is a BAN on our 1st Amendment rights.

I would add…
Unit commanders seeking to raise large number of people in groups or “clubs & organizations” are efforts to harvest patriot names. Every unit commander has a duty to protect the People in his/her unit from this attempt to harvest names for the “LIST”. Your unit commander should only be willing to to share his/her own name [at their own discretion] with others while preserving the names of the people in their unit.

When we take a 14,000 People strong Militia and break it up into 5 man units, we have just created a Militia that would take the FBI & ATF etc the need to insert 2,800 men/women as plants which is completely impossible.

Peace & God Bless


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