About Visner 4 Sheriff

Visner for Sheriff

2012 People Choice Candidate for Isabella County Sheriff

Some rather horrific things happened to my family in 2010 when we lost our home and it’s contents through criminal acts carried out by Isabella County Sheriff’s Department employees and then covered up by Sheriff Department administrators – Under-sheriff John Tellis and Sheriff himself, Leo Mioduszewski.

As if the initial acts were not bad enough, the Sheriff Department administration not only refused to help my family, they acted to cover and conceal their own involvement in an effort to protect individual Sheriff Department employees and to shelter the department from both civil and criminal charges.

After digging deeper into the matters related to my family’s issues I discovered that our Sheriff Department was in total chaos due to a specific lack of leadership and I have taken the initiative to do something about it.

Our Sheriff’s Department is attempting to provide “Selective Services” to the residents of Isabella County.


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