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Earlier this morning I posted what has to be one of the clearest examples that our government is not our government.
For what now can only be described as the appearance of propriety, I have demonstrated how established practices for correcting the course of government are posted and published only for their appearance value and that no legitimate controls remain that would allow the People to steer our government in the most appropriate direction which includes steering away from criminality and unconstitutionality.
The Michigan court rules were never intended to govern the people but rather the court officers, judges and lawyers that work there. By imposing the Michigan court rules upon the People, the judicial branch of Michigan government is and has found its way to unlawfully create Michigan legislation usurping the powers given the legislative branch of Michigan government.
The Michigan court rules are in fact a criminal caper designed to do away with the rights of the People.
MCR 3.920(H) is not only unconstitutional it is criminal on its face as it works only to deprive the People of their Due Process rights under color of law… color of government.
Read and print the 12 page document linked below. Pay particular attention to the “disclaimer” on page 1 that claims and ADMITS that “No attempt has been made to comprehensively analyze the court rules…” which is an open admission that the “Michigan Court Rules” have never been checked for their unconstitutionality nor criminality and, due to the way the rules are being used is criminal negligence.
At the bottom of page 8 starts the section on how to initiate the court’s administrative process where People like me and you get to openly challenge these “rules” as proponents for change.
Section “B” on page 9 gives instructions on how to initiate the administrative process as proponents for change which I did the second week of September 2016.
In the comments below I will put a picture of the letter received on October 3, 2016 that looks signed but is not signed as Anne Boomer’s signature is placed on the letter by an “Amy Jacobs” or Anne Boomer is an alias of Amy Jacobs.
Only one letter was received and I have two challenges to the MSC. The first involves the unconstitutionality and open criminality of MCR 3.920(H) and the second demands that the MSC define who is supposed to be governed by the court rules in general and the letter advises me that I somehow fucked up the forum and that future correspondence will be placed in the same circular file without a response.

My Facebook wall and this blog is almost exclusively for the business of fixing our county, state and federal government units. I have recognized that our governments consist of men and women that generally do not follow the law, the truth and the Constitution. We are no longer a virtuous nation. What used to be the exception has now become the rule.

My primary area of focus and concern is the loss of our judiciary… The loss of our courts.

I have found the Michigan Supreme Court to be willfully complicate in the state’s ability to kidnap Michigan children through CPS by creating court rules that were designed to intentionally deprive respondent parents of their due process rights in the adjudicative phase of CPS proceedings that kidnap our children absent due process. By willfully denying respondent parents Due Process, the state is able to win every CPS case regardless of the accuracy or truth of the allegations against the parent.

Michigan Court Rule 3.920(H) allows the state to kidnap Michigan children through the willful and premeditated deprivation of the rights of the parents of these kidnapped children. This process destroys Michigan families while bringing federal money to the state for each child kidnapped. This is a federal crime being committed by the Michigan Supreme Court where a sentence of death could result. (See Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 & 242)

After these children are kidnapped by the state, the state makes the parent pay for all of the parasitic services of corporations that have grown up around and in support of CPS and for their own personal gains. Drug testing, parenting classes and counseling primarily. This financially exhausts most families which keeps them from being able to afford proper legal counsel and essentially BARS & OBSTRUCTS the true and fair administration of justice.

The kidnapped children are then scheduled excessive counseling to fortify parental alienation. Getting the children to believe that their parents were bad is the goal. This creates the appearance that the children are both receptive to and appreciative of having been saved by the state. (Stockholm Syndrome)

Additionally and on a different assault on the People of Michigan, The Michigan Supreme Court has recently overturned by unsigned order, the Michigan Appellate Court ruling that found the shell company MERS had no standing to foreclose on Michigan homeowners. This Michigan Appellate Court decision would have stopped fraudulent MERS foreclosures in Michigan by the straw-company known as MERS or Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

Michigan’s highest court is practicing the obstruction of justice and the deprivation of our rights under color of law and “Color of Government”.

In my work, I have discovered that their exists no deterrent to these things because our police support our judiciary and our judiciary supports our police while our state Militia is splintered, disorganized and entirely dysfunctional.

As the People’s need for a unified state Militia for the security of a free state increases, so does it’s opposition and the resistance of it by our corrupt government.

A paradox has developed… I have recognized that our government itself has become anti-government to escape the chains of the Constitution while pretending to be government. This ensures for them the protection of the courts and the police while allowing them to point a finger at constitutionalists, militia, sovereigns, veterans etc and pronounce these people and groups to be anti-government through their bought and paid media when it is actually them that are anti-government.

It is only after we truly recognize the situation for what it is that we can make lasting corrections.

Our state and national Militias are an institution so vital to the survival of our country that our founders mentioned it several times in our Constitution and most notably in the 2nd Amendment.

Amendment II – A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Is our state free? NO it isn’t and if you don’t already know this you are asleep.

Since our country was established, the founders recognized that it would be the job of the people to ensure that our nation states remained free.

Having worked in the United States Navy on nuclear submarines and tending ballistic nuclear missiles, I have experience with effective deterrents.

Since the security of our free states have been lost, it only stands to reason that our state’s Militias are and have been entirely ineffective as a deterrent to state corruption.

It is time to change all that.

Just because we have lots of submarines loaded with lots of nuclear ballistic missiles does not mean that we use them every day. Just having them and the entire world knowing that we have them has helped to maintain the peace with foreign powers also well equipped with these very significant deterrents.

The People are the Militia.
The People are the 4th Branch of Government superior to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

We have been neglectful in our duties.

I would like to see non-violent change. I would consider myself a pacifist at heart but I can not make any guarantees if I am cornered and stripped of rights not strippable (inalienable).

My overall objective is to redefine the Militia.

We the People need to do all we can do to restore our Republic regardless of our ability and/or desire to drill with rifles on the weekends. The People of the many states need to reclaim Militia roles in our society if we are going to stop a bloody revolution.

Only by creating a strong deterrent to corruption can we slow, stop and reverse the steady decay of our once great nation.

The only extremism we see today is Forceful Unconstitutionality perpetrated by our anti-government government.

If my views differ from your significantly, please follow rather than friend me to save room for those more active in restoring some greater assemblage of virtue to our nation and to our government.

Peace and God Bless

Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814

Since taking interim command of the Michigan Militia I have heard from less than a dozen people claiming to be the commanders of their individual groups here in Michigan. This is great since I have no desire to take command of nor issue orders to any of these groups and my intent is only to increase membership and participation.

Most of these splinter group leaders claim that they have earned their rank through the normal process and have earned their leadership position (title) though a closed group vote and that they resent my having taken command yet none of them have made the claim that they are already the commander of the single state’s Militia.

What does this mean for the state’s Militia?… We don’t have one.

Lee Miracle says in a public press release, and I quote


This is exactly what I have done.

The people of Michigan should take a good look at what the initial and prolonged response from the existing leadership has been with regard to myself and the effects these responses have had and continue to have on the perception of our state’s militia groups. Here is another quote.

“Mr. Visner,

Clearly you have no understanding or idea how the militias in Michigan work. You won’t be assuming command of anything. You’re already publicly humiliated. You’re going to be much moreso when we all band together to laugh in your face.

Commanding Officer/Coordinator
West Michigan Volunteer Militia/ Sentinel”


Is this the face and the spokes person of our state’s Militia?

The Michigan Militia has lacked state leadership for a great number of years and it appears as though the splinter groups are all fighting for popularity.

Our state’s Militia needs a statewide presence and this simply can not be left to the most popular unit commander and some perceived influence over all the others. I AM the interim commander and I WILL establish a true state Militia and I will ensure that the people of this state get to vote for it’s new state commander.

I am not a Dictator and I will not collect money for nor issue orders to any unit in Michigan during my command. When I am done however, every unit in Michigan will answer to and take orders from the State Militia Commander. Now ask yourself… What true Michigan patriot would be opposed to this type of statewide order within our Militia?

Currently Militia membership numbers are roughly 1/100th of one percent of Michigan’s Registered Voter population of 7.2 million.

As always, I am available by phone at (989) 954-2814


Ted Visner

Over the past five years, Isabella County Officials have been sharing the story recently published by alternative media personality and self proclaimed bank foreclosure fraud specialist Stave Dibert. The sharing of this story has been very useful to the County of Isabella and it’s officials in securing a retreat of other authorities that may have taken an interest in pursuing the criminal aspects of these events carried out by county employees, specifically employees of the Isabella County Sheriff Department.

Steve Dibert fancy’s himself an investigative reporter. The truth is, Steve works for clients and his clients pay him. If I were to guess, Steve’s clients in this case are officials in Isabella county Michigan. Venture to comment on this Steve? Unlike the scandalous and libel piece you wrote about me, I will allow you to make all the comments you want with regard to this rebuttal.

I will be editing this as time allows. So until this line is removed, expect updates.


“My comments and rebuttal will appear as quotes in RED throughout.”




Ted Visner

Ted Visner Is Victim Of His Own Bad Judgment Not Government Tyranny

Several weeks ago, Angry Wing Nut from Bizarro World, Ted Visner posted a video promising to kill anyone from Michigan law enforcement who attempted to evict him from a house he is squatting in with his girlfriend and then threatened to kill himself because he seems to think it will trigger a revolution that will overthrow the corrupt tyranny of the U.S. government, the state of Michigan and Isabella County.

“Below is the video referenced by Steve Dibert above. If you haven’t already seen it, please take 7 min to see if you can determine what Steve Dibert is talking about with regard to promising to kill police and threatening to kill myself.”   

Ted Visner claims that all his troubles are the result of a mass conspiracy involving Isabella County, the state of Michigan and corrupt elements of the U.S. Department of Justice due to an illegal eviction he suffered at the hands of the Isabella County Sheriff”s Department in 2010 on a house he and his “wife” Kathy Smith allegedly bought on a land contract.

“This phrase keeps getting inserted… “ILLEGAL EVICTION”. My family was never evicted from our property at 829 E Walton Rd in Mount Pleasant but this phrase keeps popping up. Being that the courts were not involved with issuing an eviction, the eviction never happened and the Sheriff Department and it’s employees simply executed the theft of our home and it’s contents.

The notion that we were “illegally evicted” or “unlawfully evicted” also assumes that the courts were involved and that we simply didn’t like the results. This is not the case as the courts were not involved to the extent of issuing a court ordered eviction and the unlawful actions of the sheriff department were completely criminal.” 

Ted Visner’s 2010 Eviction Stories Aren’t Based In Reality

For over four years, Ted Visner has been trying to convince people that an army of Isabella County Sheriff’s Deputies under the command of Department’s secretary, Shelly Sweet, raided the property he and Kathy Smith allegedly bought on a land contract from Sweet at 829 East Walton Road in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Visner claims that Sweet’s “self-help” eviction with her friends in the Sheriff’s Department violated his due process rights and that the Sheriff’s Department has been colluding with the Isabella County government and the state of Michigan since then to silence him.

“This is pretty accurate not counting the title. People should also be as surprised as I was that reporting the criminal acts of law enforcement is as difficult as it is. Impossible could be inserted in place of difficult in our case. “Eviction Stories” is the title of this section. As stated above, my family was never evicted from our property as this process is a court process that should include Due Process. If the court process is skipped, as it was in our case, this is the intentional deprivation of Due Process rights under Color of Law which is a Federal Crime as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 $ 242.

Here is a link…   ” 

What Ted Visner is telling alternative media and anyone else who will listen to him contradicts the documents in Visner’s own Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing that he and Kathy Smith filed jointly on August 10, 2010 (seven week before the alleged  illegal eviction happened).

“Here it is again… “alleged illegal eviction” There is a difference between what Steve Dibert says and the documents he uses to try and prove me a liar and a fraud. Please do look at the documents Steve has published as they demonstrate and prove my points and not his or the county’s…

But FIRST, please take note how the link below is labeled. “Visner BK-829 E. Walton Rd. Eviction Hearing”… The documents you will find if you elect to click on the link below take you to a Federal Court Bankruptcy filing and NOT any Eviction Hearing. The lawyer that drafted this document did intend for this document to look and feel like an eviction document but it is NOT. Evictions are ALWAYS handled at the state district court level and are never handled at the Federal Court level.  

Visner BK-829 E. Walton Rd. Eviction Hearing

“Laywer Bruce Havens created this fake eviction through defrauding the Federal Court simply by filing it into the Federal Court. Oh! and here is the YouTube link to that entire proceeding that Steve Dibert neglected to share with his readers…

According to the documents in the bankruptcy filing, Sweet and Smith entered into a verbal month-to-month tenancy agreement for the 829 Walton Road property in December, 2009.

On July 19, 2010, Sweet served Smith with a Notice to Quit/Termination of Tenancy for failing to pay rent and in late July, Sweet served Smith with a Complaint to Terminate Tenancy with an order to appear at an eviction hearing in the Isabella County Trial Court on September 7th.

“It is easy for me to see the motivation behind writings like this when the writer uses “alleged” in front of the points he/she wishes to argue while just stating as fact all of the points of the defendant county… Here Steve states “failing to pay rent” instead of “alleged failure to pay rent… Our payments were made and are part of the court documents.”

Now here is a direct lie by Steve Dibert… “in late July, Sweet served Smith with a Complaint to Terminate Tenancy”. Two things here… 1st, If the complaint were filed in late July, why would the first hearing be more than a month distant skipping August entirely? For whatever reason, the county of Isabella seems to think that it is important to try and lie about the file date of the termination of Tenancy proceedings that were not filed/initiated/commenced until August 18, 2010. Perhaps this is because Smith and Visner filed joint bankruptcy on August 10, 2010 and served notice on Shelly Sweet and her lawyer Nancy Galagher.” 

Three weeks later, (wait… what? Three weeks later? Here it is again. Steve Dibert, the teller of this story wanting to push the bankruptcy filing back past the date of Sweet and her lawyer Nancy Gallagher’s filing of the Termination of Tenancy proceedings…) on August 10th, Visner and Smith filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and listed Sweet as creditor indicating Smith and Visner owed her rent for July and August in the amount of $5000. Smith and Visner list 7287 E. Fremont Road as their primary residence (the current property that Ted Visner and Danielle Austin are facing eviction from).

According to the Isabella County Register of Deeds, on August 13, 2010, Smith filed what appears to be a bogus construction lien on the property in the amount of $6,177.67. Later in the day, Smith filed a discharge of the construction lien but post dates it 9/7/2010.

On September 7, 2010, a hearing was held on the Complaint to Terminate Tenancy. Sweet was represented by her attorney (Nancy Gallagher) who informed the court that Visner and Sweet had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and that the property appeared to be vacant. (What???)  Visner and Sweet’s bankruptcy attorney (What??? Visner and Sweet???), Attorney Lesley Hoenig attended the hearing representing Visner and Sweet (What??? Visner and Sweet???). Hoenig did not object to the court entering a Judgment of Possession by default on September 7, 2010 (What??? Lesley Hoenig did Object and she had also filed what is called a “Suggestion of Bankruptcy” in these fraudulent eviction proceedings several days prior to inform the court that the eviction proceedings were automatically stayed by the Federal Court Bankruptcy proceedings). The Judgment of Possession provided that “an order evicting you will be issued on or before 9/17/2010 unless you move” (So here is why it has become so important to try and demonstrate that we had already vacated the property because no Order Evicting us was ever issued! Instead, Shelly Sweet and her friends and coworkers from the Isabella County Sheriff Department came into our home and stole nearly everything in it… So that she could claim that we had already moved.)  

On September 1o, 2010, Sweet’s realtor, Larry Bean, inspected the property and testified that it was apparent that Smith and Visner vacated the property but that Smith and Visner still had items inside the property. (So we left but we didn’t? I am going to post Shelly Sweet’s deposition under oath and penalty of perjury here where Sweet admits to absconding/stealing our personal property.)

On September 15, 2010, a Section 341 Examination was held between Smith and her creditors including Shelly Sweet. At this meeting, Smith testified she and Visner had vacated the property. (This is simply not true. Since Due Process was skipped entirely in our case, it has become imperative that the county and all other defendants aggressively attempt to demonstrate that my family had already vacated the property even though we had not. Steve Dibert lies here and claims that Smith testified that she and Visner had vacated the property knowing this to be untrue and offering no proof to support his lie because none exists. Steve Dibert and the county defendants are claiming that we vacated simply because we chose a different MAILING ADDRESS.)

At this hearing, Sweet informed Smith that she would be taking possession (This shows Sweet’s intent to commit a crime. Sweet has no authority to tell Smith or anyone else for that matter that she intends to take property that does not belong to her.) of the property as of 7:00 am on Sunday, September 26, 2010 and that any personal property remaining in the premises on that date would be deemed abandoned by Smith and that any personal property left in the house will be disposed of. Smith did not object.

(The paragraph above lies again by suggesting that Sweet told Smith on September 15, 2010 “At this hearing” that she intended to steal Smith’s property when Sweet only filed her intent to steal Visner/Smith property on September 20, 2015 as demonstrated in the documents made available by Steve Dibert. The question that should immediately pop in your mind is; By what right or authority is Sweet claiming when informing Smith that she would be taking possession of anything? Is Sweet more powerful then the Federal Court Judge? Oh… That’s right! Sweet derives her authority from the Isabella County Sheriff Department and Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski!)

On October 6, 2010, a second hearing was held because Ted Visner, as a pro per litigant, filed a motion to set aside the Sweet’s sale of the property. At this hearing, Visner and Smith were represented by Lesley Hoenig, their bankruptcy attorney. Visner’s motion was denied. (So… which is it Steve? Is Ted Visner representing himself or did he have a lawyer? The only thing you are demonstrating here is that you don’t know what you are talking about.) 

According to emails Ted Visner sent to Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski at the end of February of 2011, Visner claims that he went to the property on September 27, 2010 , the day after Sweet took legal possession of the property, to find his possessions gone and the locks changed. Later news reports indicated Visner was charged with abusing the 911 system on September 27, 2010 when he could not get access to the property.

In the same series of emails, Visner claims that he had over $45,000 worth of personal property taken from 829 East Walton when Sweet cleared out the property. This, not surprisingly, contradicts Visner’s bankruptcy filing which states he only had $2500 worth of personal property at the 829 E. Walton property in August.

According to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition filed by Ted Visner and Kathy Smith, it appears Ted Visner, who had also filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2001, is a victim of his own bad business decisions not the crushing oppression of Obama Administration or Isabella County.

Did Ted Visner Think He Could Play Donald Trump?

It appears Ted Visner felt he could play Donald Trump after watching the first season of The Apprentice when he came to Michigan a decade ago.

Visner at one time owned five properties across Michigan with the property in Isabella County belonging to Kathy Smith. Three of Visner’s properties were in the post Sheriff’s Sale redemption period with him owing his various lenders roughly $230,000 when he filed bankruptcy. He also owed nearly $5,000 in unpaid property taxes on two others. Visner also owed investors and contractors nearly $69,000 and owed $30,000 in unpaid child support payments to the state of Washington on behalf of Cynthia Hager.

Ted Visner And His Desperate Gambit

Last week, Ted Visner filed a nonsensical brief containing a diarrhea of fonts that gives the appearance he cut and pasted passages off the internet sites like Wikipedia, and from other nonsensical motions he has filed over the years.

Ted Visner Bank of America eviction

In Visner’s latest attempt to play Oliver Wendell Holmes, he is demanding a Writ of Habeas Corpus. A Writ of Habeas Corpus is a legal term in criminal law that is used for people who have been incarcerated for a long period of time without being charged. How this applies to Ted Visner and his eviction, one can only guess since Visner’s case is a civil case not a criminal case. Therefore, a Writ of Habeas Corpus is meaningless.

Visner also claims that because Bank of America has retained legal counsel, he should be given the right to a court appointed attorney. You are not entitled to court appointed lawyer at taxpayer expense in a civil proceeding. In civil proceedings, each party is responsible for hiring their own attorneys. That’s right, Ted Visner is going into the same court, who three years ago, he denounced and proclaimed he does not recognize for help with an attorney.

Ted Visner also claims that his foreclosure and eviction on this property is some type of mass conspiracy tied to his 2010 eviction from 829 East Walton. Visner writes in his brief:

“The Defendants,  Mr. Ted Visner and Ms. Kathy A. Smith, apparently have been the victims of a well organized and premeditated plan to steal their personal belongings and home in the past.

They claim that they can even prove to the Court that they have been victims of a conspiracy that can be considered to be a mafiathe County of Isabella.”

The only thing Ted Visner got partially right in his brief is that the mortgagor, Kathy Smith, is allowed a 12-month post foreclosure redemption period because MCL 400.3240 states that mortgagors with agricultural zoned properties are allowed a 12-month post foreclosure redemption period compared to the normal 6-month redemption period allowed under Michigan law.

Unfortunately, for Ted Visner, Michigan’s right to redemption only applies to the mortgagor and Ted Visner is not the mortgagor. Only Kathy Smith can claim she is the mortgagor because she is the only one listed on the deed and mortgage. The rights of a mortgagor do not apply to husbands, boyfriends, tenants or squatters if the mortgagor is not residing in the house. Visner is unable to make the claim that the property is a marital home since Smith owned it prior to marrying Visner, even if they did obtain a marriage license.

According to the motion cover sheet Visner filed with the court, Kathy Smith does not reside in the house. She lives at XXXXXXXX, Edmore, MI. Edmore is located one county over in Montcalm County and according to Visner’s blog, he is currently sharing Smith’s house with his live-in girlfriend, Danielle Austin who had her children taken away from her by the state of Michigan because of Ted Visner is “a violent person with the potential for some great violence

Ted Visner Gets Help From Alleged Kiddie Porn Trafficking Group

Ted Visner states in his brief that he is represented by the Michigan Chapter of Action For Justice (AXJ) that Visner describes in his brief as an “International Civil and Political Rights Organization,” yet Visner signed the motion as a pro-se litigant.

The group, AXJ, that Ted Visner is claiming are his allies in this fight against government tyranny, was founded by a convicted Australian pedophile named John Aster. According to news reports from Australia, Aster’s wife left him and was able to get the Court in Queensland, Australia to bar him from having access to his daughter when it discovered Aster had over 15,000 images of child pornography on his computer.  Aster, who actively engaged in sharing child pornography on the internet ratted out other pedophiles across the globe in order to avoid prison time.

During this time, Aster allegedly recruited other pedophiles to aid him in his cover up of his own network of pedophiles. Aster and his friends then allegedly set out to create a new network. Aster named it, “Action For Justice” or AXJ and claims it is an “International Civil and Political Rights Organization” when in reality its a cover for a global pedophile and child pornography sharing network.

Aster and his American partner, Ed Vallejo were stupid enough to try to start a war with the international hacker group, Anonymous by misrepresenting AXJ as a news organization then stealing their logo and making people think they are part of Anonymous.

After you weed through all of Ted Visner’s crazy legal arguments and his bullshit claims of government oppression, it boils down to the simple truth that Visner is a desperate guy with no money and nowhere to go if he loses the house he and Danielle Austin are squatting in. He is willing to do and say anything that will keep him from being forced to live in a cardboard box or his Honda Pilot.

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I guess I should be flattered that someone would actually take the time to write this tabloid style smear campaign against me as if I were something more than a simple carpenter.

It is good to see that some people are actually paying attention to the actual facts and can decipher between what is factual and what is being made up!

A friend of mine took the time to create this image of the MFI-MIAMI article with factual comments inserted about some of it’s contents. I haven’t read the entire article myself because I have more important things to be working on but from what I have read, it’s completely laughable. I also see this writing as what Isabella County would like to say itself but can not and has not due to the fact that it a manufactured lie.

I think that it would be safe to say that if the article written about me were even remotely true that I would be arrested for making false criminal allegations against the county and it’s alleged officials.

I am deeply touched and honored that a friend would actually take the time to accurately point out some of the toxic deceptions in this article.

Here is a clickable YouTube link referenced in the picture above.




Ted Visner

(989) 954-2814

Bruce Kilmer
Region III Director
Michigan Supreme Court 

According to what I have been able to find online, it would appear that you work and most likely live in or near Mount Pleasant Michigan as the Region III Director of the Michigan Supreme Court.

It also appears that you have the power to exercise administrative superintending control over the courts in my county to ensure that they are fair, accessible, efficient and effective. William T Ervin claimed that the court was being monitored and since that is your job, you must be the one monitoring or allegedly monitoring.

Also, it would appear that you offer training, investigations, Advice on disqualifications, the Code of Judicial Conduct, intergovernmental relationships, chief judge rule, selection and discipline of employees and judicial performance and behavior.

Since Paul Chamberlain has become a county dictator through the creation and enforcement of unapproved Administrative Orders, I would have to say that you are doing a really crappy job.

Since Kerri Curtiss believes that some administrative orders need to be approved by the Michigan Supreme Court and that other do not, I would say that you are not that good at training and selection either. Kerri Curtiss seems to believe that only Administrative Orders that are intended to become local court rules need to be sent to and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court and that my interpretation of the Annotated version of the Michigan Court Rules is somehow flawed…

Also… Paul Chamberlain has stolen property from me by ordering his private security forces of un-sworn court bailiffs to take my property as I sat peaceably in the gallery.  I have seen Paul Chamberlain convict and sentence an innocent man using perjured testimony of a Mount Pleasant Police officer without firsthand knowledge as the state’s only witness. I have seen Paul Chamberlain create Administrative Orders and enforce them without Supreme Court approval making Paul Chamberlain a dictator and a overthrower of legitimate government here in Isabella county.

Also… I have captured Mark Duthie lying and depriving Danielle Austin of her rights as secured by the Michigan Constitution’s Article 1 § 13 by denying her the ability to represent herself.

Here Mark Duthie claims that this hearing was the first time he was involved in this case when he had signed the original order in this case denying the CPS petition to remove Danielle Austin’s three children that had already been removed and have remained out of her possession for over a year now.

A breakdown of non-existant Danielle Austin’s case.

Also… William T. Ervin is rubber stamping summonses for people to appear in court on the very same day (without proper lawful notice) while people like Wendy Yost serve these summonses without following the court’s instruction that are clearly printed at the top of the proof of service for child protective proceedings.

Also… Eric Janes denies standing to all defendants on July 10, 2015 [Case No: 15-912-LT] and take away their ability to defend themselves in court.

But something tells me that you already know all of these things… Something tells me that you are more interested in preserving the state’s biggest money making schemes of child trafficking for profit and bank foreclosure fraud than you are with any real justice.

Something tells me that you are already aware of MCR 3.920(H) which was written by the Michigan Supreme Court with the specific intent of depriving Michigan Respondent Parents of their due process rights and that prosecutors all across the state preemptively rely upon this BS court rule to abuse the notice requirements to get these parents into court without any notice so that the courts and the state can have their way with these people and destroy Michigan families in the process.

From what I can tell, you are a complete failure in your job. So much so that it seems impossible that your failures could be anything less than your full cooperation and support of the terrorist acts of these alleged judges and court clerks.

I demand that you watch every video linked in this email.
As your superior supervisor and ultimate authority, I expect a full report immediately!

Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814


People of the state of Michigan
Fraudulent Administrative Orders of Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain
Isabella County Michigan

Paul Chamberlain has created Administrative Orders in Isabella county and he is authorized to do this ONLY for the internal administration of the court in Isabella county. Before these Administrative Orders can be enforced however, they need to be submitted to and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Administrative Order 2008-2, created by Paul Chamberlain, completely blocks the people’s ability to obtain the court recorded audio and video. Violating the Freedom of Information Act.

Administrative Order 2015-2, also created by Paul Chamberlain, completely blocks the people of Michigan from recording for themselves, all proceedings taking place in our courtrooms. Intentionally blocking, infringing, abridging and barring the 1st Amendment, among other things.

Neither of these administrative orders created solely by Paul Chamberlain have been submitted and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court for approval.

Not only is Paul Chamberlain violating his Oath as a judge, he is intentionally subverting (undermining) the authority of county government in Isabella County while inciting sedition and insurrection. Our Chief Judge in Isabella County Michigan is participating in and advocating for the overthrow of government which is a federal crime under Title 18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government

Paul Chamberlain, through the creation and enforcement of his fraudulent and unapproved Administrative Orders is demonstrating that he has personally overthrown the government in Isabella County.

If you live in Michigan and your Chief Judge is creating and enforcing “Administrative Orders” without the approval of the Michigan Supreme Court, your county has been overthrown by your judge.

Upon Information received this morning, the Michigan State Police are believed to be getting ready to make a move against me again. Not sure exactly what this may entail however it is expected that their move will involve the unlawful seizure of myself and my personal property, namely my computer systems and my electronic media on some sort of trumped up criminal allegations. The website is currently down for unknown reasons.

All of this because my family’s home and it’s contents at 829 E Walton Rd in Mount Pleasant Michigan were stolen by the Isabella County Sheriff Department on September 27, 2010 and the alleged chief judge in this county would not allow 1st Amendment Redress where the accused were the same county officials that were the friends and coworkers of the same other county officials. (According to Melody Lake on my YouTube channel, claim to be… “the rest of society”)

It must be known that I am completely not violent nor am I suicidal. I am also not affiliated with any extremest groups or religious groups. I do not care about international issues and I am only concerned with the rectification of our county and state units of government.

I have discovered, proven and published that the Michigan State Supreme Court is and has been intentionally and willfully complicate in the unlawful establishment of jurisdiction and criminally maintaining jurisdiction over children residing in Michigan through the intentional conspired deprivation of 4th and 14th Amendment rights of Respondent Parents in CPS cases.

I have discovered, proven and published the fact that the Michigan Supreme Court is complicate in the willful violation of the separation of powers provisions of the state and federal constitutions by creating it’s own legislation enforced upon the people of Michigan through the Michigan Court Rules.

I have captured alleged county court judicial officer Mark Duthie lying on the court record and exposed him only to see the chief judicial terrorist Paul Chamberlain create an administrative rule (meant only for court officers) and exclude court officers from the rule while threatening to enforce the rule on the people of the state of Michigan by threat of fine and imprisonment, legislating from the bench.

It is for this and similar other reasons that I am being personally retaliated against by the criminal elements existing in our government units that include the Isabella County Sheriff Department, the FBI and the Michigan State Police.

It is very important to understand that the courts are unlawfully taking jurisdiction by combining the adjudication phase with the dispositional phase of the proceedings against respondent parents by intentionally averting due process requirements all together and labeling all parents “unfit”.

What this means is that your participation in the proceedings is forgiving them for their having completely violated you at the onset of the proceedings by denying you your due process rights. [Due Process rights are inalienable rights meaning they can not be waived nor given away EVER]

This also means that the proceedings against respondent parents are completely VOID from the beginning.

This perfect defense is not being used by ANY court appointed attorney and is also avoided by almost every paid attorney. Instead, these attorneys keep the fight alive as long as they can because they are greedy and selfish. The quickest way to assess your lawyer’s willingness to help you would be to ask them this question. “Would you be willing to immediately object to the Due Process violations in my case?” If their answer is “NO”, then you need to drop that lawyer immediately and forward a complaint to your local Attorney Grievance Commission. [your lawyer is demonstrating the “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel”]

What I am finding is that every CPS/DHS case against Respondent Parents begins with the immediate assignment of a court appointed attorney that is unwilling to object to Notice Defects and that this action locks the parent in the proceedings against them that are stealing their children.

if your due process rights have been violated…

You have to know however that these criminals are and have for decades been maintaining this criminal empire and that your declaration that the proceedings are a nullity from the beginning puts the blame directly upon them for having taken your children unlawfully [kidnapping] and that they will resist and ignore what you have done. These criminals will act as though you are crazy and they will do it collectively as a team to pressure you into compliance with their crimes.

Suits at law do not exist without proper lawful notice to all of the parties. If you will notice on your “order” following the petition hearing, their is a check box that claims that the parties were noticed as required by law. This is generally near the top because this requirement, if not met, is completely fatal to the proceedings against you! In Michigan, this box is checked regardless of it’s truth.

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On May 5, 2015, at 7:02 AM, Theodore Visner <> wrote:

Speaking to the current and intentional state of our Michigan courts.

Stating that our courts are “CORRUPT” is incredibly insufficient. The identification and exploitation of

criminal intent is required to establish a basis for meaningful and lasting change.

In “Child Protective Proceedings” (CPS Cases), the Michigan Supreme Court has built a provision into the

Michigan Court Rules that serves to save lower courts from wanton Due Process violations with regard to

Respondent Parents. The specific court rule is MCR 3.920(H).

This Michigan Court Rule allows the court, the prosecutors, public defenders and agencies such as CPS

and DHS to rely on the ability to unlawfully establish jurisdiction without proper lawful notice to the

parties which is a terminal defect to the proceedings themselves.

MCR 3.920(H) Notice Defects. The appearance and participation of a party at a hearing is…

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