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Earlier this morning I posted what has to be one of the clearest examples that our government is not our government.
For what now can only be described as the appearance of propriety, I have demonstrated how established practices for correcting the course of government are posted and published only for their appearance value and that no legitimate controls remain that would allow the People to steer our government in the most appropriate direction which includes steering away from criminality and unconstitutionality.
The Michigan court rules were never intended to govern the people but rather the court officers, judges and lawyers that work there. By imposing the Michigan court rules upon the People, the judicial branch of Michigan government is and has found its way to unlawfully create Michigan legislation usurping the powers given the legislative branch of Michigan government.
The Michigan court rules are in fact a criminal caper designed to do away with the rights of the People.
MCR 3.920(H) is not only unconstitutional it is criminal on its face as it works only to deprive the People of their Due Process rights under color of law… color of government.
Read and print the 12 page document linked below. Pay particular attention to the “disclaimer” on page 1 that claims and ADMITS that “No attempt has been made to comprehensively analyze the court rules…” which is an open admission that the “Michigan Court Rules” have never been checked for their unconstitutionality nor criminality and, due to the way the rules are being used is criminal negligence.
At the bottom of page 8 starts the section on how to initiate the court’s administrative process where People like me and you get to openly challenge these “rules” as proponents for change.
Section “B” on page 9 gives instructions on how to initiate the administrative process as proponents for change which I did the second week of September 2016.
In the comments below I will put a picture of the letter received on October 3, 2016 that looks signed but is not signed as Anne Boomer’s signature is placed on the letter by an “Amy Jacobs” or Anne Boomer is an alias of Amy Jacobs.
Only one letter was received and I have two challenges to the MSC. The first involves the unconstitutionality and open criminality of MCR 3.920(H) and the second demands that the MSC define who is supposed to be governed by the court rules in general and the letter advises me that I somehow fucked up the forum and that future correspondence will be placed in the same circular file without a response.