The government’s Use of Blacklists and Databases Absent Due Process

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
Blacklists, black books and secret databases filled with information about people collected absent due process. This issue needs to be addressed immediately.
I have made criminal allegations that involve the police and members of Michigan’s judiciary to the highest levels. In doing so, I have made myself a target of the same. How then would it make sense to anyone that I openly advertise who I am while traveling down the public right of ways?
In the beginning, the creation and maintenance of these new emerging technologies made a lot of sense to track, monitor and share relevant data about criminals. Today these databases are used to share the feelings and beliefs of some to the rest who have access. IE, beware of Theodore Visner because he is an anti-government cop hater and God knows what else!
So why do I get nervous when tailed by a cop? DUH! That cop has access to the thoughts and beliefs of the criminal cops, judges and lawyers I have and will continue to expose.
Wearing a license plate on your vehicle is now a massive invasion of your privacy that can and will subject you to targeted harassment and possibly death.

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