FBI undermining State’s Rights and the Public Trust

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
The FBI…
FIRST: Like it or not the FBI are police and all police stick together.
SECOND: The federal government needs to take control of the states as we head into this new world order crap and has been buying our sheriff’s offices in every county of every state with money and military grade equipment.
THIRD: Matters of National Security include preserving the “Status-Quo” and retaining the majority of the people’s trust in authority or the “Public Trust” and the FBI helps in this regard by not acting on crime that would undermine the nation’s faith in its government.
The thrust of this article focuses on the family court and the CPS courts when it is the courts in general. The same judges and lawyers that are pulling off these capers in Family Court are the same judges and lawyers holding trials, cooking juries and finding people guilty of victimless crimes to warehouse the criminals they manufacture in facilities they are fully invested in.
In MIchigan, I have found the supreme court willingly complicit in a child trafficking scheme to bring federal money to the state by first depriving respondent parents in CPS cases of their Due Process rights through their creation and maintenance of the Michigan Court Rules, specifically, MCR 3.920(H). This court rule states that if CPS agents call you on the phone and tell you to be in court on the same afternoon and you go and you do not object to the notice defects, which are terminal to the proceedings against them, that they forever waive the right to object to “Notice Defects” which is the willful deprivation of the parent’s Due Process Rights and this is a FEDERAL CRIME as defined in Title 18 USC §§ 241 and 242.
The FBI, on a national level, is working only to preserve the “Public Trust” as a matter of “National Security” and in doing so is actively supporting crimes against the People.
People tend to believe that if the FBI (or ANY “Law Enforcement Agency”) isn’t or won’t investigate reported crimes that it must somehow believe that the crimes aren’t really crimes and generally the people leave it at that. THIS IS WRONG.
When criminals aren’t prosecuted and know that they won’t be prosecuted, they have essentially been given a license to be criminals and their criminal conduct will continue and in most cases increase and become more and more severe.
The bottom line is that most FBI agents believe that their covering for crimes is helping to maintain our National Security because they are too stupid to see that they are actually working to serve up the destruction of our country. The notion that the the FBI is simply overwhelmed by the criminal acts of the several states is completely bullshit because making an example out of a few would help to force others into lawful compliance.

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