The Thin Blue Line / Camaraderie…

American veterans like myself understand camaraderie. We also recognize that camaraderie is a functional component in criminal gangs and enemies. The “Thin Blue Line” defines camaraderie as it exists among police. Men and women of a singular organization (police or law enforcement) that stand on this line when facing any and all opposition and adversity.

In a bar fight between a single squid and a single jar-head, sides formed immediately and became Navy v. Marine despite the nature of the argument or who was right and who was wrong. I’ve been there… I’ve seen it and I’ve been a part of it. It is a part of who we are and is almost as instinctual as breathing. The feeling of belonging and being part of something much larger than yourself. It’s effects are intoxicating and inescapable. In the heat of the moment, it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong only that the line stands strong and the side you are on wins.

The difference between the camaraderie I experienced in the Navy and what I see today by the men and women in blue is that in the end, military personnel ultimately came to care about what was right and what was wrong whereas the police today only care about the line itself and winning despite right and wrong.

Camaraderie is generally a good thing when the group as a whole does it’s part to ensure that truth and law prevail despite the consequences.

Today, the thin blue line is maintained for ill gotten gains and self preservation. The line is maintained for wrongs more than rights which makes this camaraderie a really bad thing. Enjoining yourself in what is evil is just as possible as enjoining yourself in what is good.

In the Navy, we first policed our own. Our line was impenetrable not because we all wore the same uniform but because we knew the character and commitment of our shipmates.

Today the Thin Blue Line serves to protect police that commit crimes much more than it protects good cops. People like Leo Mioduszewski and Larry Stelma, two Michigan Sheriffs, that stand behind this thin blue line as criminals with their own army for protection… an army that faces who? We the People.

Camaraderie is an alignment within a group that requires your belief and trust that encapsulates your own values, morals and sense of purpose.

If you have to ignore the acts of the men and women you stand and serve with… it is long past time that you reevaluate your loyalties and your personal commitment to help hold that line.




Who do Police Work For?

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If like me, you believe that the police are here to serve and protect you… You had better think again.

In 2010 a lawyer broke a couple Michigan laws, one a 14 year felony, and stole a piece of real property from my family in East Grand Rapids. These crimes were immediately reported to the City of East Grand Rapids Police and we are still waiting for them to do their job and make some arrests over six years later.

Using a Sheriff Deed as if it were a Warranty Deed, Edward Winkler showed up at our East Grand Rapids property on April 15, 2010 and ejected us, locked us out and took possession of our home which had over $120,000.00 dollars worth of equity. This was a violation of MCL 600.2918, Michigan’s Lock Out Law and MCL 750.248b. I called the police and the police responded and there is a police report but the actions were carried out by Edward Winkler personally and because he was a lawyer, no charges have ever been filed and Winkler is still at large… most likely doing this same thing to others.


Earlier this morning I posted what has to be one of the clearest examples that our government is not our government.
For what now can only be described as the appearance of propriety, I have demonstrated how established practices for correcting the course of government are posted and published only for their appearance value and that no legitimate controls remain that would allow the People to steer our government in the most appropriate direction which includes steering away from criminality and unconstitutionality.
The Michigan court rules were never intended to govern the people but rather the court officers, judges and lawyers that work there. By imposing the Michigan court rules upon the People, the judicial branch of Michigan government is and has found its way to unlawfully create Michigan legislation usurping the powers given the legislative branch of Michigan government.
The Michigan court rules are in fact a criminal caper designed to do away with the rights of the People.
MCR 3.920(H) is not only unconstitutional it is criminal on its face as it works only to deprive the People of their Due Process rights under color of law… color of government.
Read and print the 12 page document linked below. Pay particular attention to the “disclaimer” on page 1 that claims and ADMITS that “No attempt has been made to comprehensively analyze the court rules…” which is an open admission that the “Michigan Court Rules” have never been checked for their unconstitutionality nor criminality and, due to the way the rules are being used is criminal negligence.
At the bottom of page 8 starts the section on how to initiate the court’s administrative process where People like me and you get to openly challenge these “rules” as proponents for change.
Section “B” on page 9 gives instructions on how to initiate the administrative process as proponents for change which I did the second week of September 2016.
In the comments below I will put a picture of the letter received on October 3, 2016 that looks signed but is not signed as Anne Boomer’s signature is placed on the letter by an “Amy Jacobs” or Anne Boomer is an alias of Amy Jacobs.
Only one letter was received and I have two challenges to the MSC. The first involves the unconstitutionality and open criminality of MCR 3.920(H) and the second demands that the MSC define who is supposed to be governed by the court rules in general and the letter advises me that I somehow fucked up the forum and that future correspondence will be placed in the same circular file without a response.
Blacklists, black books and secret databases filled with information about people collected absent due process. This issue needs to be addressed immediately.
I have made criminal allegations that involve the police and members of Michigan’s judiciary to the highest levels. In doing so, I have made myself a target of the same. How then would it make sense to anyone that I openly advertise who I am while traveling down the public right of ways?
In the beginning, the creation and maintenance of these new emerging technologies made a lot of sense to track, monitor and share relevant data about criminals. Today these databases are used to share the feelings and beliefs of some to the rest who have access. IE, beware of Theodore Visner because he is an anti-government cop hater and God knows what else!
So why do I get nervous when tailed by a cop? DUH! That cop has access to the thoughts and beliefs of the criminal cops, judges and lawyers I have and will continue to expose.
Wearing a license plate on your vehicle is now a massive invasion of your privacy that can and will subject you to targeted harassment and possibly death.
The FBI…
FIRST: Like it or not the FBI are police and all police stick together.
SECOND: The federal government needs to take control of the states as we head into this new world order crap and has been buying our sheriff’s offices in every county of every state with money and military grade equipment.
THIRD: Matters of National Security include preserving the “Status-Quo” and retaining the majority of the people’s trust in authority or the “Public Trust” and the FBI helps in this regard by not acting on crime that would undermine the nation’s faith in its government.
The thrust of this article focuses on the family court and the CPS courts when it is the courts in general. The same judges and lawyers that are pulling off these capers in Family Court are the same judges and lawyers holding trials, cooking juries and finding people guilty of victimless crimes to warehouse the criminals they manufacture in facilities they are fully invested in.
In MIchigan, I have found the supreme court willingly complicit in a child trafficking scheme to bring federal money to the state by first depriving respondent parents in CPS cases of their Due Process rights through their creation and maintenance of the Michigan Court Rules, specifically, MCR 3.920(H). This court rule states that if CPS agents call you on the phone and tell you to be in court on the same afternoon and you go and you do not object to the notice defects, which are terminal to the proceedings against them, that they forever waive the right to object to “Notice Defects” which is the willful deprivation of the parent’s Due Process Rights and this is a FEDERAL CRIME as defined in Title 18 USC §§ 241 and 242.
The FBI, on a national level, is working only to preserve the “Public Trust” as a matter of “National Security” and in doing so is actively supporting crimes against the People.
People tend to believe that if the FBI (or ANY “Law Enforcement Agency”) isn’t or won’t investigate reported crimes that it must somehow believe that the crimes aren’t really crimes and generally the people leave it at that. THIS IS WRONG.
When criminals aren’t prosecuted and know that they won’t be prosecuted, they have essentially been given a license to be criminals and their criminal conduct will continue and in most cases increase and become more and more severe.
The bottom line is that most FBI agents believe that their covering for crimes is helping to maintain our National Security because they are too stupid to see that they are actually working to serve up the destruction of our country. The notion that the the FBI is simply overwhelmed by the criminal acts of the several states is completely bullshit because making an example out of a few would help to force others into lawful compliance.

If you have any questions about the state’s Militia, call Ted Visner at (989) 954-2814 but first read this post…

A legitimate Militia is commanded from the bottom up. Individual units of 5, 8 & 10 man units take all of their orders from the commander inside of these individual units.

These individual units are autonomous and only issues orders within. Any attempt to issue or persuade other units or to order or attempt to control other units to do anything is a subversion tactic that has been entirely effective to nullify a genuine and legitimate Militia presence here in Michigan.

Every unit commander has got to have his/her shit together and know the difference between the Constitution as the law of the land and the administrative statutes that take on the appearance of law which are often times unconstitutional thus void.

Unit commanders that support handgun registration, concealed carry permits that have a blind unwavering respect for law enforcement are NOT commanders that you want to follow unless you want to serve up your own oppression. If your unit commander spends more time talking about things that your unit could never possibly be in any position to do anything about; IE: Syria, Turkey, Russia and shenanigans going on in D.C. while ignoring the fact that our own supreme court here in Michigan is creating rules that usurp the power and function of our legislative branch of government, you are following the wrong commander.

If you have started a group, get organized and train and work to uniform yourself and your unit to look sharp and to be sharp. Make sure that the intel shared within your group is relevant to Michigan and relevant to your own community.

In almost every county in Michigan, the chief judge has made himself a county dictator by creating internal policies for the administration of the courts under rule MCR 8.112 and then forcing compliance upon the people while exempting everyone internal management would ordinarily govern.

If your county is being ruled by a judge dictator [like the one in Isabella county, MI] outside any and every lawful authority and you are more concerned about the politics in Israel, you are only working to serve the state and are fueling the problems here in our own country.

Your country’s BAN on cellphones and recording devices is a BAN on our 1st Amendment rights.

I would add…
Unit commanders seeking to raise large number of people in groups or “clubs & organizations” are efforts to harvest patriot names. Every unit commander has a duty to protect the People in his/her unit from this attempt to harvest names for the “LIST”. Your unit commander should only be willing to to share his/her own name [at their own discretion] with others while preserving the names of the people in their unit.

When we take a 14,000 People strong Militia and break it up into 5 man units, we have just created a Militia that would take the FBI & ATF etc the need to insert 2,800 men/women as plants which is completely impossible.

Peace & God Bless

The Second American Revolution

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Restoring the American Republic

In my opinion, the brutal and provocative actions of the corporate thugs calling themselves law enforcement are attempting to get large numbers of American resistance fighters to mass in one location to resist them in force. As I stated in other articles, I don’t believe we should mass in one location in a pitched battle against occupying globalist forces; it is the wrong move when the enemy controls command and control of the republic. Instead, we should attack the agents of the oligarchy in our communities like a pissed off nest of angry hornets in hit and run raids that harass and interfere with the enemies plans and operations. At first, all of these operations must be conducted autonomously, without a central command that can be infiltrated and destroyed.

The proper beginning of resistance against an entrenched enemy occupation is through guerrilla warfare, urban and rural. By raiding supply convoys…

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Another excellent piece by Thomas Mick

Source: Exercising our Natural Right of Self-defense against the Agents of Tyranny

Support the Work of Ted Visner

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To support the work of Ted Visner and his fight against Judicial Corruption, Malfeasance and Organized Crime, select a link below.



Both of these accounts go directly to support Visner and his efforts to restore our Republic form of government.

A new day is dawning and if you are not happy with the direction our country is heading, you should either get involved yourself or at least support the work of others who are out there on the front lines every single day as true servants of the people of the United States.

What Ted Visner is working on at the moment.

1st. – Mr. Visner is hitting the mark and is being retaliated against by his local county of Isabella in the state of Michigan. On September 17, 2015, Mr. Visner was abducted from a restaraunt parking lot by more than a dozen Isabella County Sheriff Department Deputies on misdemeanor charges listed as “Squatting, Trespassing, Operating without a license, Operating without a Current Registration (Plate)”. Mr Visner’s bail was initially set at $200,000.00 dollars because of his work in fighting the judicial crime and corruption within Isabella County.

Isabella county also abducted Mr. Visner’s girlfriend (Danielle Austin) three children out of retaliation as well by the DHS/CPS of Isabella County.